Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Yesterday said godbye to my lil sis and borther in law they left around noon back to the big smoke. I miss them.its never long enough! *sighs* well i spen some time reading a book in the sun on the banana lounge... the dog on my lap of course. Came in did not go anywhere.. all the cakes are gone out of the house..shared around between family. Back to square one (once all the easter eggs are eaten) I have been a bit lazy with my letter writing lately.. i have not written anything in almost a fortnight.

I need to get stamps and sit down today sometimes armed with a pen and note pad. Im heading to warragul very shortly. Im not uying my kitchenaid anymore think im going to invest in either an apple lap top or ipad2 i dont need to get bigger and having one of those macines would just make me want to bake more! I dont need that.

So I am quite tired this morning not sure why. I went to bed at 10:30 but had one nightmare where i was dying from two pin pricks in my fingers and blood was streaming out and bradley was there watching me die. The next dream was about cookies.. yesterday i had dream and punkyt bruster was in it.. agh well im best off not knowing what they mean either.

I will have a coffee out today me thinks.I feel super tired right now. Its gonna be a stunning day. bye for now
\take care out there

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