Friday, April 29, 2011


Last night we watched the royal wedding...a lovely affair...the hats some looked like they were sattelites calling aliens. Others as my cousin said "looks like a pretzel" some got it right others totally wrong. Mostly stylish outfits were worn, some not so great. However kate looked amazing in her wedding dress, stunning. So it was a good night in front of the telly.

It is a glorious day today... sunny 22..beautiful. Went out for breakfast had a ham cheese and tomato toasty and some of mums baby pancake stack. Yummy. I have not done any painting at all...the day has slipped by.

So im planning to meet a few friends in the big smoke next weekend...alas the places id like to go for lunch on sat. is closed during the day alas sending me to urbanspoon to do some research and look at tapas bars or something like that. Argh oh well. Im sure I will find a place. I would love to take them to cumulus but am not sure how cashed up everyone is! Though their breakfasts are reasonable.

I bought mum the ghost writer for mothers day present and am taking her out to a place called the dog house at wild dog winery next sunday. I booked for 4. Right now.. mum is having a nan nap its 4pmish now. We are trying out the new coles inidan range of curry for dinner tonight, should be interesting to say the least.

ciao for now

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