Monday, April 18, 2011


I finally finished the first layer on the blue pattern. YAY! Im happy but there is one bit that stands out like sore thumb so Im going to have to have topiant over it and see if i can fix its leaping off the canvas.

My aunt and uncle visited, made them a cuppa and oh damn had to open a bag of easter eggs so it looked like we had some sweet treat to offer. I was gonna bake cupcakes this morning but though I ought not to. Dad got given some blackberry jam .. mum is going to make scones at the weekend.

I will most likely make the cupcakes tomorrow so dad has some to take to his friends I got given some seeds to plant in pots.. so I will sow them tomorrow. Nothing much else going on really. The pets are at the back door waiting for mum, I just popped the potatoes on. best get going.]


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