Tuesday, April 5, 2011

in a week

So lou and allen came and went breezed in and out over the weekend. I chose to stay home mostly, went to a local mind body spirit festival, not much there really. I would have loved a reading though, I have not had one in years *sigh* I cant recall only a few bits and pieces from readings in the past, perhaps I should try again. I remember a warning I got from some dude that read my palm, that I was going to die young. So far I have not, im middle aged, well almost. That was when I was 18. *Sighs* I remember those days looking and reflecting gets me no where they are long gone.

I feel all my parents wanted for me most in life was that i was happy and healthy for half my life I guess this is as happy as I get now. To bring about change I start with myself.. image well thats shot to pieces. Though Ive lost another kg, so my weight is down a lil more. Considering ive only been pottering around the home mostly and drawing a hell of a lot.

I faced a feat today: going out on the bus again. I cant walk atm due to me once again being scared. I want to and yet the word prevails once again: I CANT. I bought some paper so i can make a few birthday cards.. got some coming up. I have a few letters to write too.Plus food for tonight: making that chicken dish by ganell bloom... I added a touch more lemon than i should have hopefully it wil.l still work
Mum called me as Id started walking to the bus stop, so i had lunch with her.. it was masive lucky we were sharing. though I was not loyal to groovies today opting out for Zest cafe instead.

Anyhow, got home... bought a i tunes voucher for myself, went hunting and listening to new music. I bought an album by the jezabells and an album by Noah and The WHale... im listening to jezabells at the moment, quite good. Noah is excellent too. Id like to get a few more beatles albums too.

Well I have to go make salad now to go with the meat..



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