Thursday, April 28, 2011


Well yesterday was a bit drab, i made a soup that was also bland.. i think thats th theme of yesterday.. i couldnt life the soup with bacon or chives.. argh oh well. Today was a lil better,.. went down the road got mum a coffee from goovies... had a change of hands and a fresher look... they painted the walls a brown and silver., artwork...quite a warm feeling. Coffee is still the same.. will check out the menu tomorrow when we have breakfast there.

I got home this morning and there is dad painting away in his undies scarf union jack shirt..and thats it. Quite the showman even with only an audience of two or so. I guess its a big day for the royal wedding today.William and Kate.. dad being british is a ver proud well pom! Even if he does get a lot of flack and humor from next door he gives as good as he gets.

I missed the delivery of parcel, the only one i was expecting was from ang. So i caught the bus back down the road and went and picked up the parcel. I got two books one on learning crochet the other of fiction plus a small bar of chocolate.. which is so chunky and rich so ive left half for mum.

I cut myself chopping some herbs up its nasty little nick and no bandaid wants to stick so i got out the silver healing ones and popped that on.... i only rarely use them. I know they work you have to leave them on for a while as it healed my burn beautifully.

I spoke to besty as she sent me these cute lil kitten ornaments which i have put with the other ones on the mantle piece. We are meeting up next saturday in the big smokes.. going to see if I can round up a few more friends and go for lunch in china town.

Welpers I better feed the pets.. oliver hobbits is bugging me... just ten minutes off regular feeding time and he is mewing at me. Scoot is just asleep curled up next to me on the couch. I bought a new blanket for the lounge.. it was irking me that there was none and it looked a bit shabby with just my emily strange one there.

bye bye for now.

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  1. I appreciate your enthusiasm in blogging! Thanks for sharing this! I will come back next time!...Daniel