Tuesday, April 26, 2011

still today

got home from warragul... bought a new pair of shoes with my birthday money.. they are really nice.. well I think.. the lady looked down at my old ones and asked if i was gonna wear the new ones out of the shop! Damn sight cheeky of her! I admit my suede shoes are not all that black any more from all the wear and tear but they have gotten me through a few seasons. I would love some boots and will invest in some later.

I had time to get mums coffee grounded and wondered into the gluten free store and I bought a frittata it was still warm from being fresh out of the oven.. so I bought one as I was quite hungry.. it was so delicious.. I ate it whilst sitting at the train station think I will be going back there again. Its a shop i generally walk past without going into but with what looks like good food, i shall.

I was super tired this afternoon... fell asleep at about 2ish til 3ish. Im a lil sleepy now.. but took my stuff again now.. the weightloss drink. It was honestly pointless over the easter break.. as i ate copious amount of chocolate, cheesecake, cupcakes, junk in general.

I got zippo painting done today, looked around the opshop but did not buy anything. So im just resting here.. it was a glorious day and I enjoyed being out. Anyhow.. I will be painting again tomorrow.. no plans.. maybe just grabbing the ingredients to make falaffle as that is what I fancy right now.

Anyhow... ill be of..she'll be right mate.

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