Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Planning out what youu see here in the top bit. Its a challenge, ive done one bit.. must get some more done, letting it dry a lil bit. Im using oil paints this time round, see if I can go over the lines Ive painted. Fun been out there again.

Ive done the drawing for the birthday card I just need a nice blank card to put it on to now. I read the masterchef magazine.. im going to attempt a cake from there when its easter. Ive written a few letters, got the ironing to do.. leaning tower of pisa sitting in the basket *Argh*

Im really loving noah and the whale album great to listen to. I have been trying to listen to the songs I hardly listen to on my ipod.. im getting there. Its a glorious day, 26 sunny got washing drying on the line, nothing like the smell of clean sheets.

ciao for now