Saturday, April 30, 2011


Its fairly easy to say that now I am able to use my bankcard.. for buying online and that is a very dangerous im a little behind the times...a tad old fashioned. I ordered some hard to get books, earrings and more earrings. Its good to know... its easy peasy... however...not such a good thing in a way.. as long as I control my spending.. as I am going out for lunch twice next weekend.. the pantry is stocked so is the fridge... i think im going to have smoked salmon with scrambled egg and mushrooms for lunch today. Nothing like a little luxury.

Its only just gone 9am ive been up since 6 think its going to be a relatively cool day. Last night we watched ghost writer by roman polanski... a thriller.. not much of a thriller.. rather long drawn out and not on the edge of your seat type movie. I thought it was going to be snappy and keep you on your toes for a while. When i told her the director mum said "no wonder it was as boring" I guess shes not a fan of his work. Oh well. Oh dear. I have this other movie to watch it was only thirteen smackers called Away We Go which has good reviews on the cover and on the back... but then most movies boasts on the cover with a blurb and its hardly going to dizz the film they are trying to sell.. right?

Im gonna have a whinge here... i nicked myself ever so slightly with as i was chopping up the chives.. and it hurts like hell.. its right where i have the bend and if under water it stings.. so i let it dry out.. but i'm going to garden today and so will have to cover it up with a couple of non trusty bandaids... ergh.. okies so it'll heal and not soon enough.

Im quite tired for some odd reason and I had a very very awful dream it was a little creepy and irksome. Not gonna say but eewwww is all I will say. Anyhow Im a thinking i should move.

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