Sunday, April 10, 2011


Yesterday came and went... stayed home.. made dinner but over salted the chicken oooppppsss. I got the outline on the canvas done.. im buying a few cheap canvasses today so I can practice the colour on there, the different tones and shades of blues.

Im also buying more potting mix today.. little lemon verbvena trees have started sprouting up so I have 3 of them to pot up. Im gonna put some more bulbs in the little garden i've created along the back fence.

So its quite cold now.. i guess its middle of autumn now, so I need some jumpers or something but Im thinking of getting my hair done just before easter.. perhaps blue/ browns...not sure. Will be making leek and potato soup for dinner.

Anyway... i pulled out some old jewelery and im wearing that now.. i have not worn it in ages.

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