Saturday, October 30, 2010

slow day

Could the day go any slower? It started out ok, went out for breakfast had some fruit bread and a coffee at my fav cafe here. I have read a short story, looked through cook books...watched 27 dresses on tv. Now the nanny diaries is on, I have not seen it in quite sometimes. The dog is driving me bonkers.. she has finally settled with the blanket over her head and sleep on her agenda. Its only 9:10pm. It feels like forever today. I totally lost my diet plan too, eating bread, a florentine and a slice of lime pie and then to top it all off had fish and chips for dinner. I mean why stop there, i could eat more.. hell i've probably put on what i took off over the fortnight.. *sighs* my fault.

Im a lil angry too. Just over something little really. I won't post it here though, think I'll keep it to myself. So i'm listening to a mixed bag of music and looking at things i can buy from shops on etsy.

well think im gonna have an early night somehow.

curl up with my book.


Friday, October 29, 2010

kim edwards

Found a beautiful quote today from her book of short stories:

"More than ever, the world seemed full of mysteries she could hardly comprehend, and the visible fell like a veil between herself and something else, something glimpsed at unexpected moments –a white curtain rising from an open window, or leaf shadows playing on the tiled floor of her room images that layered and gathered, inexplicable but powerful. Yet her intuitions could no longer be contained by the structures she had accepted all her life, and this discovery made her feel breathless, as if she stood on the edge of an abyss, even while the world went on much as it always had, knit back together by the ordinary day-to-day."

Just love it.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

ooops a daisy

I have not written here for a few days, went to warragul got some coffee, that is all I bought there. It is a really nice blend. Aside from house work and reading not too much has been going on. Yesterday was my lil nephews birthday, he turned 5! Growing up so fast now, he starts school next year.. sheessssh. Last night mum made a delicious green chicken curry she was a lil heavy handed with the curry paste though. Man talk about spicy, my eyes were watering and my nasal passage got cleared!

So its Friday now, lou and alan are coming home for a few days. So far the day has started out with me bruising my knee im expecting a quite a big bump, mum putting the wash on but not turning the water tap thus it me not realizing til half way through.

Im making a key lime pie (well lime pie anyhow) I wanted to use gingernuts as the base mum doesn't like the idea so granitas it is! Welpers better hop to it and start baking as its going to be a sunny 28. So let see now.. its afternoon now...and i'm startingt o think that perhaps not got out of bed... i did all the washing only to discover a bird had done a shit that landed square in the middle of the bloody sheet! Now that is not lucky! GRRRRRR

The pie erm is rather interesting, i should have doubled the insides filling and would look a lot better as for taste... its a bit zingy which is good. So I wonder what else could possibly go wrong now? Things can only get better from here. I am currently reading a great short story book by Kim Edwards called The Secret of a Fire King. Very good.

write you later alligator.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I wore my lovely looking wedges sketchers into the city today...not so sure that was a wise idea. About half way through the day I got a lil blister on the back of my left foot... grrr needless to say it hurts.. so I borrowed mums socks and shall let it recover for a few days. The train ride now both there and home to two hours... their mayb more services to the country but the time is sllllllllllllllooooooowwwe by half an hour/20 minutes. I wore my fav purple t-shirt and $2 grey cords.

Met up with besty and went to le petit gataue a french cake place.Starters the cake was good but totally not worth the whopping $37 dollars for the three of us! HEART ATTACK as the cake size was very very small (ok ok so i cheated again)(but i think i walked it off)

After that went to jb hi fi and got a book and a cd. The cd is called Aston, they do classical versions of pop songs. I got home and listened to it. Quite good I think. I will put it onto my i-pod. The book I got is just short stories... really beautifully written I was enjoying them on the way home, instead of reading hemmingways the old man and the sea which I found a dusty old box in the garage of my books.

Walked around for a bit more and then I just wanted to get out of the city an hour earlier than planned just couldn't take much more of my foot hurting. I also paid for something off etsy, can't wait for it to arrive. I had some sushi for lunch.. yum yum just two rolls.. with water.

Got home and mum made the mango salsa to go with fish.. very yummy and delcious gonna have the left overs for lunch tomorrow..


gots to go to bed now me tired and have a day out again tomorrow..

nighty night

Sunday, October 24, 2010


saturday came along. It takes dad FOR EVER to get ready to go to auntie lynne and uncle rons house. He took 2hrs and then he said "give me a chance" when it came time to go. SHHHEEESSSH! I don't know sometimes. Questionable! We hit the road at 12:30ish stopping in yarragon for a coffee, plus i cheated on my diet and shared half a whopping florantine with Mum, dad had a yoyo. In the car I read some more of corrinne grants book, by the days end I had only four chapters to go.

Went out for dinner, I ordered the pork with mango salsa lying on a bed of asian greens
and a huge swampland of rice, I ordered the wrong thing it took extra 20 minutes to cook. The scenery from the pub is beautiful, as its on a hill. Went back to their house and watched a movie, something about a train hijacking with john travolta and denzel washington.

Next day got up, finished reading book started another novel called Letter To D, by a philiospher from france. I picked it up as it was only $5 at the local book store. Its a real beautifully written letter to his wife.... the ending is tragic, they commited suicide together as he could not live without his her and she without him, by the time we arrive home I had finished reading the novel. Heartbreaking.

So got home had cousin over for dinner, just chicken and veg. Then settled in to watch junior masterchef. Gee those kids put me to shame! Some of them are channeling chefs (i swear), so talented. Louise and Alan are home next weekend and have rquested that I make the lime/meringue cheesecake for them. No worries as long as I only have a thin sliver of it.

Well its early monday morning and I need to get moving now..

have a good day.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

tags and bags.

It is a bright sunny 29 day. Absolutely stunning. Got dressed wore my favorite purple t-shirt, so I went to get more paper Had a look at the op-shops. I bought some more glitter glue spray mist.

Im watching Oprah, today it is talented lil kids, im so amazed at how they seem to channel their talent from the great beyond.

write more later

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I am cooking something called sticky chicken served with a stir fry and brown rice. Its a recipe from weigh it up australia, I doubt that dad will like it though... it has sweet chili and hosin sauce. We will see. It all smells nice will it taste nice? I hope so.

Write more after dinner...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

going and going

I woke up, had breakfast, washed hair started working on my cards,its now twoish, i only stopped for a short lunch break and have been going and going and going.. i cut up the cats i drew, went through some folders and found more work to chop, only thing is i'm out of card stock.

So later after I have written here I am going to start christmas tags. I have 3 orders for them so far. I am aiming for the november market now, just local. I'd ultimately like to aim for the Hatch Market at the melbs library next year.

I know i am not supposed to be drinking coffee, I try to stick to one cup a day though that is no always the case. I will order all the herbs next week. I did a random thing yesterday,picked up a u2 cd, its ok. I have to watch rage and get re-educated with music again. I have only used half my i-pod capacity.

So I am straying from my diet tonight and having some ricotta and spinach pasta with a massive salad. For lunch today I had flat bread with salad and a tin of tuna. I was meant to have brown rice and tuna... but just didn't feel like it.

I feel like sitting in the sun. Perhaps the 4pm sun otherwise I burn. I used to just go brown and tan , now i just burn....

I better get back to it.

have a good day.

Monday, October 18, 2010

since then

SinceI last blogged not much has been going on. Just the usual, making cards, painting.. reading... sticking to some of my goals. I have almost lost 2kg. I know its not much but then I have not been for walks or swimming like i said I would. So I gots to start. I have signed up for this weigh it up australia my aim by the end of eight weeks is to be 103kg.. id like to be 100kg, so it's up to me to move it and lose it.

I read michael caines autobiography... im now reading another novel called Lessons in Letting go (confessions of a hoarder) by a funny lady corinne grant. Plus i bought gai waterhouses autobiography too. I felt week and over spent a lil bit. Oh well. Tonight we are having fish and salad for dinner.

I have been dreaming at night but I cant for the life of me remember them. Such is life. I will write more later alligator.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

spring as sprung

Its beautiful to see that the seeds are sprouting up so well. Ive been giving them sun in day and put them under shelter at night. Although I had a quiet weekend. Did not do too much. I have sent two parcels off and sticking to a few of my every day goals so far out in the sun, reading a autobiography (michael cains) (its really intersting) and I have lost a bit of weight too, so these herbs im taking are helping me mum went a bit crazy and bought two more boxes of this powder. I take it half an hour before lunch and dinner and leaves me feeling full so I eat less.

So Im not going to go to high tea in the city as I would just completely sabotage myself. I am still making jams and chutneys but i'm giving them away as apposed to keeping them and adding them to yogurt or having it on a freshly sliced bread/rolls. There is another habit I am trying to break and that is coffee... I only like it with sugar and Iv gone from three cups to two cups a day now. I think if I keep it as a proper one once a day and then mint tea/ green tea. Ive got to kick coke too. Its a sugary substance that Im addicted to.

Anyhow, I will now leave it there, and go an do a lil painting.



Friday, October 8, 2010


Its saturday now and I stayed up til midnight, ergh needless to say i woke up at 6am but then slept in til 8am. I am reading a wheightloss book, its probably the first real slim dieting/change of eating book i've read. Ive got to lose weight, i have put no effort yet. So I have set a realistic goal of 10kg for the moment.

So i'm at home mum is at the cafe i decided to as per usual, stay home. I am trying to get out more I just can't bring myself to at times. Its glorious day, warm in the sun but freezing in the cold... brrr its 19 a little more than yesterday. Sat in the sun with lil scootie, she loves being outside when someones with her and at time sits like a lil diva on your back as you garden.

Off to go shopping shortly, for my lil nephews birthday present. I cant believe he will be 5, growing up superduper fast. Will write more later gator.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

super tired

these past few days i have been ultra tired, super tired. Im not sure why. i just have stayed home, have not done a lot, mainly slept a whole heap. Anyway failed attempt atmaking apple butter.... palles didnt cook long enough am thinking of making a crumble out of it or eating it with yogurt.

Well Im a going to make myself a coffee and move on.