Tuesday, October 19, 2010

going and going

I woke up, had breakfast, washed hair started working on my cards,its now twoish, i only stopped for a short lunch break and have been going and going and going.. i cut up the cats i drew, went through some folders and found more work to chop, only thing is i'm out of card stock.

So later after I have written here I am going to start christmas tags. I have 3 orders for them so far. I am aiming for the november market now, just local. I'd ultimately like to aim for the Hatch Market at the melbs library next year.

I know i am not supposed to be drinking coffee, I try to stick to one cup a day though that is no always the case. I will order all the herbs next week. I did a random thing yesterday,picked up a u2 cd, its ok. I have to watch rage and get re-educated with music again. I have only used half my i-pod capacity.

So I am straying from my diet tonight and having some ricotta and spinach pasta with a massive salad. For lunch today I had flat bread with salad and a tin of tuna. I was meant to have brown rice and tuna... but just didn't feel like it.

I feel like sitting in the sun. Perhaps the 4pm sun otherwise I burn. I used to just go brown and tan , now i just burn....

I better get back to it.

have a good day.

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