Sunday, October 24, 2010


saturday came along. It takes dad FOR EVER to get ready to go to auntie lynne and uncle rons house. He took 2hrs and then he said "give me a chance" when it came time to go. SHHHEEESSSH! I don't know sometimes. Questionable! We hit the road at 12:30ish stopping in yarragon for a coffee, plus i cheated on my diet and shared half a whopping florantine with Mum, dad had a yoyo. In the car I read some more of corrinne grants book, by the days end I had only four chapters to go.

Went out for dinner, I ordered the pork with mango salsa lying on a bed of asian greens
and a huge swampland of rice, I ordered the wrong thing it took extra 20 minutes to cook. The scenery from the pub is beautiful, as its on a hill. Went back to their house and watched a movie, something about a train hijacking with john travolta and denzel washington.

Next day got up, finished reading book started another novel called Letter To D, by a philiospher from france. I picked it up as it was only $5 at the local book store. Its a real beautifully written letter to his wife.... the ending is tragic, they commited suicide together as he could not live without his her and she without him, by the time we arrive home I had finished reading the novel. Heartbreaking.

So got home had cousin over for dinner, just chicken and veg. Then settled in to watch junior masterchef. Gee those kids put me to shame! Some of them are channeling chefs (i swear), so talented. Louise and Alan are home next weekend and have rquested that I make the lime/meringue cheesecake for them. No worries as long as I only have a thin sliver of it.

Well its early monday morning and I need to get moving now..

have a good day.

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