Friday, October 8, 2010


Its saturday now and I stayed up til midnight, ergh needless to say i woke up at 6am but then slept in til 8am. I am reading a wheightloss book, its probably the first real slim dieting/change of eating book i've read. Ive got to lose weight, i have put no effort yet. So I have set a realistic goal of 10kg for the moment.

So i'm at home mum is at the cafe i decided to as per usual, stay home. I am trying to get out more I just can't bring myself to at times. Its glorious day, warm in the sun but freezing in the cold... brrr its 19 a little more than yesterday. Sat in the sun with lil scootie, she loves being outside when someones with her and at time sits like a lil diva on your back as you garden.

Off to go shopping shortly, for my lil nephews birthday present. I cant believe he will be 5, growing up superduper fast. Will write more later gator.


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