Monday, October 18, 2010

since then

SinceI last blogged not much has been going on. Just the usual, making cards, painting.. reading... sticking to some of my goals. I have almost lost 2kg. I know its not much but then I have not been for walks or swimming like i said I would. So I gots to start. I have signed up for this weigh it up australia my aim by the end of eight weeks is to be 103kg.. id like to be 100kg, so it's up to me to move it and lose it.

I read michael caines autobiography... im now reading another novel called Lessons in Letting go (confessions of a hoarder) by a funny lady corinne grant. Plus i bought gai waterhouses autobiography too. I felt week and over spent a lil bit. Oh well. Tonight we are having fish and salad for dinner.

I have been dreaming at night but I cant for the life of me remember them. Such is life. I will write more later alligator.

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