Thursday, October 28, 2010

ooops a daisy

I have not written here for a few days, went to warragul got some coffee, that is all I bought there. It is a really nice blend. Aside from house work and reading not too much has been going on. Yesterday was my lil nephews birthday, he turned 5! Growing up so fast now, he starts school next year.. sheessssh. Last night mum made a delicious green chicken curry she was a lil heavy handed with the curry paste though. Man talk about spicy, my eyes were watering and my nasal passage got cleared!

So its Friday now, lou and alan are coming home for a few days. So far the day has started out with me bruising my knee im expecting a quite a big bump, mum putting the wash on but not turning the water tap thus it me not realizing til half way through.

Im making a key lime pie (well lime pie anyhow) I wanted to use gingernuts as the base mum doesn't like the idea so granitas it is! Welpers better hop to it and start baking as its going to be a sunny 28. So let see now.. its afternoon now...and i'm startingt o think that perhaps not got out of bed... i did all the washing only to discover a bird had done a shit that landed square in the middle of the bloody sheet! Now that is not lucky! GRRRRRR

The pie erm is rather interesting, i should have doubled the insides filling and would look a lot better as for taste... its a bit zingy which is good. So I wonder what else could possibly go wrong now? Things can only get better from here. I am currently reading a great short story book by Kim Edwards called The Secret of a Fire King. Very good.

write you later alligator.

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