Sunday, October 10, 2010

spring as sprung

Its beautiful to see that the seeds are sprouting up so well. Ive been giving them sun in day and put them under shelter at night. Although I had a quiet weekend. Did not do too much. I have sent two parcels off and sticking to a few of my every day goals so far out in the sun, reading a autobiography (michael cains) (its really intersting) and I have lost a bit of weight too, so these herbs im taking are helping me mum went a bit crazy and bought two more boxes of this powder. I take it half an hour before lunch and dinner and leaves me feeling full so I eat less.

So Im not going to go to high tea in the city as I would just completely sabotage myself. I am still making jams and chutneys but i'm giving them away as apposed to keeping them and adding them to yogurt or having it on a freshly sliced bread/rolls. There is another habit I am trying to break and that is coffee... I only like it with sugar and Iv gone from three cups to two cups a day now. I think if I keep it as a proper one once a day and then mint tea/ green tea. Ive got to kick coke too. Its a sugary substance that Im addicted to.

Anyhow, I will now leave it there, and go an do a lil painting.



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