Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I wore my lovely looking wedges sketchers into the city today...not so sure that was a wise idea. About half way through the day I got a lil blister on the back of my left foot... grrr needless to say it hurts.. so I borrowed mums socks and shall let it recover for a few days. The train ride now both there and home to two hours... their mayb more services to the country but the time is sllllllllllllllooooooowwwe by half an hour/20 minutes. I wore my fav purple t-shirt and $2 grey cords.

Met up with besty and went to le petit gataue a french cake place.Starters the cake was good but totally not worth the whopping $37 dollars for the three of us! HEART ATTACK as the cake size was very very small (ok ok so i cheated again)(but i think i walked it off)

After that went to jb hi fi and got a book and a cd. The cd is called Aston, they do classical versions of pop songs. I got home and listened to it. Quite good I think. I will put it onto my i-pod. The book I got is just short stories... really beautifully written I was enjoying them on the way home, instead of reading hemmingways the old man and the sea which I found a dusty old box in the garage of my books.

Walked around for a bit more and then I just wanted to get out of the city an hour earlier than planned just couldn't take much more of my foot hurting. I also paid for something off etsy, can't wait for it to arrive. I had some sushi for lunch.. yum yum just two rolls.. with water.

Got home and mum made the mango salsa to go with fish.. very yummy and delcious gonna have the left overs for lunch tomorrow..


gots to go to bed now me tired and have a day out again tomorrow..

nighty night

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