Saturday, October 30, 2010

slow day

Could the day go any slower? It started out ok, went out for breakfast had some fruit bread and a coffee at my fav cafe here. I have read a short story, looked through cook books...watched 27 dresses on tv. Now the nanny diaries is on, I have not seen it in quite sometimes. The dog is driving me bonkers.. she has finally settled with the blanket over her head and sleep on her agenda. Its only 9:10pm. It feels like forever today. I totally lost my diet plan too, eating bread, a florentine and a slice of lime pie and then to top it all off had fish and chips for dinner. I mean why stop there, i could eat more.. hell i've probably put on what i took off over the fortnight.. *sighs* my fault.

Im a lil angry too. Just over something little really. I won't post it here though, think I'll keep it to myself. So i'm listening to a mixed bag of music and looking at things i can buy from shops on etsy.

well think im gonna have an early night somehow.

curl up with my book.


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