Thursday, March 31, 2011


Finally house work is done. I faced the dreaded ironing pile... which was rather daunting. Then made apple, caramel muffins again... rather delicious. They are best served hot from the oven.

I have been drawing a little bit too. Not so much though.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

down and out

Im officially down and out today. I have done nothing other than scrabble and drawing. Im trying to concentrate on things but not going so well. I have been drawing hot air balloons.. sketching from flickr photos. I found a magnet in that shape and have traced round them and filled them in black witha beautiful sunset sky behind.

In other news im going to start reading alexander macalsmiths next book in Ladies No1 Detective Agency. I spent a LOT of money yesterday, by golly, a bit too much actually. So it was art store, books store, target... picked mum a matching lamp for the lounge room, it looks quite good.

Well guess i'll be off to bed shortly


Monday, March 28, 2011


Went out for a bit today, had an appointment that went ok. Have been drawing a lot today using loads of colour, my blues and purples are almost spent. Ive been using the opera house pattern for inspiration and the shape of the arch ways. Ive done one in blues, purples and im currently taking a break from the pinky/red one im in the middle of.

Well back to the drawing board...


Sunday, March 27, 2011


Attempted to make the black forest cake with mum today. Needless to say the sponge was a bit rubbery, the cherries were beautiful soaked in chambord and then arrawroot to bind the juices. The chocolate chards were not that great. So next week what we are going to do is grate the chocolate using a potato peeler and use a better sponge recipe. Other than that its a little bit on the weird side of forest cakes that ive eaten.

What now? I have been drawing too, will take some photos tomorrow. Might be going out shopping then too. I best be off now.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


So saturday rocks around, I had two very vivid dreams but I think ill let them pass. Then woke to mum patting me on the head before she went to the hair dressers, I was ready to roll at 10.. went out for breakfast I fixed my sweet craving with their delcious fruit bread for only $5 then coffee and a pot of english breakfast tea.

Called into the scrapbooking shop to pick up a marker and some more coloured paper for cheap, all different shades this time. Came back home played a few games of scrabble, did some drawing. Then went and got the ingredients to test run making a black forest cake for one of mums friends birthday which is next week. So we are going to experiment making that tomorrow, a joint effort. Also bought some delcous chambord too.. i have not had that in years but gosh its a bloody nice drink.

I would have liked to have gone to the city today but opted out mainly cause the grandprix is on that and I dont think Im well enough to travel far atm. I ate waayyy too much today too much milk which has upset my stomach a little... two lattes plus an icecream. Anyway at the moment I am watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua , oh dear, oh well better than funniest home videos that's for sure. Having my usual quiet night in.

Welpers im still feeling a little down. Had frittata for tea mum cooked.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

rainy days

Is rained for most of the afternoon, good for the garden. Ive only done one drawing tat im happy with. A little on the messy side of things though. Im making roast tomato soup for tea. Last nights dinner worked out well, was rather delicious.

Spent a fair bit of time looking at photos on flickr. I better do a few things about the house I guess. The ironing pile has crept up once again im not feeling that well though have been munching on crackers and flat bread.

So i better be off now I guess.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


photographed some more of my work. Ive been motoring along with. Some pieces I am happy with, others ive tried to well I cant rip any out of my art journal. So ive been covering the ones I dont like over with other drawings ive been doing.

I made some chocolate cookies today. They are not crunchy like normal ones, they are a little soft but rich. Im trying to cook chicken today too, for dinner. Think I over zested it, in the oven now.. must put the potatoes on soon too, they are supposed to cook and be coated with flour etc I ran out of spray oil so i used a brush instead. Im not very good at cooking meat though, about the only time I cook with it is to make the lemongrass and chicken dumplings. I mostly cook vegetarian food. I just checked on them they look delicious, i'm wondering how they shall taste. Hmm.

I got a card from a friend yesterday, lovely to hear from her. Live in the same town but never meet up, such is life. We used to meet up when we both lived in the city.. I think a lot of my friends are there it's a matter of me getting out of hermit mode and meeting up with them. *Sighs*

Welpers I best be off now.. bet check on the potatoes and hope they have not boiled over the stove and make a grand mess to clean up.


Monday, March 21, 2011

on pause

ON pause on pause on pause on pause. So far today I was about to go out then i decided to stay at home and work a little bit more. Now im tired a lil down and on pause. I got no new news atm. I do know I need to get out a bit more though. Cabin fever? A lot.

I have all these great images in my head when i go to draw them, not so great. I wanted to go to the opshop and look at materials textures and old magazines or something. So thats it for this moment in time

on pause on pause on pause.


Mum and I in a joint effort made the muffins today, i tell you that caramel apple and cinnamon in them is a delish combination. They are moist and a very easy throw together at the last minute type of muffin to make, def. making them again sometime soon.

I have drawn a few pictures today. wellim watching something kind of miss marpleish on tv... so i must be off.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Still a lot down. I have not made the cupcakes today.. will try tomorrow. Im sure they will be delicious. I photographed my work and even (my first internet pucrchase) up graded my flickr account to pro. It takes super long to load onto fb so I use that account insteadas its quick, easy and simple.

I had half a doughnut, coffee watermelon and tried this mushroom burger thing from maccas and its totally disgusting so its put me off them for a while. I have done a little drawing today, not much as I woke up at 10am.

Will write more later alligator.

Friday, March 18, 2011


I have just about spent the week at home, drawing every day for hours on end. Ive been using the oil pastels as im fresh out of card stock. Ive done some lovely pieces. Beautiful colours beaming out at u. So Ive got to take photos of all my work. Its fun to work with colour. Im feeling a bit down still, perhaps going outside a bit more might help.

I watched a cooking show today, (no suprises there) where they made Apple & toffee muffins. I figured the only thing missing is the caramels so Im off to get them tomorrow, we have apples that are not being eaten. Im happy I lost almost a kilo and have hardly done anything other than eating less. Imagine if i threw some walking into the mix?!

I am hopefully heading out tomorrow... not sure where to but somewhere would be good. I am tired of fighting at times. However I have to. Oh lime tree is looking terrific they will be ready in a weekish in which i shall make the lime new york cheesecake with.

Anyhow gots to go.. back later alligator

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Im obsessed with drawing these trees. Ive been drawing them over and over and over all colours. I bought some more markers, an art journal and some oil pastles to experiment with. I spent a fair bit today. Oooops. Its not like I have spent too much anyhow within budget. I got my artist discount too. Think I may go to the library and grab some books off the shelves and look at some art work. I dont have too many books here and I need to be inspired some more. That being said, I am feeling quite down and I think it's just cause of whats happening in the world at the moment. At times my dreams seem better than waking up.

So i'm drawing it out. I feel like I heal through my art. Im going to get a few bits framed over the next few weeks. So what now for this little bee? Well I drew a lovely picture for the front page of journal. If I work like the clappers over the next few weeks I can make the market for april at yarragon. I want to go check out this art therapy group that runs at the old convent in abbotsford, see if I can link in with them or be inspired to actually do a course.

So right now Im a bit on a sugar high, had too much coffee today and I have not fallen into a slumber yet...IM sure I shall sleep bed time as of late has been midnightish just over. At the moment dads using my computer at night as his is kaput, so its gotten me being creative. I will get to painting tomorrow.. even if its just with ink on paper. What else? Had breakfast out. Had a great day. Tomorrow I must post a few things to a few friends.



Thursday, March 10, 2011


I went for a walk today, changed handbags over to the blue olga berg bag I found at an opshop. I bought the ingredients for the risotto, went into the scrapbooking shop found some beautiful stamps so I bought them. They have inspired me to draw bigger versions of them in colour with pencil and some in letraset markers. So Ive been drawing obsessively since I got home. Wrote a few letters on the back of the ones I dont like. So I would like to paint using these as my base. On the weekend I want to call into the art store get the entry forms for the art contest plus see about the beginners water colour classes. Also buy a goo art journal so I can piece together where im heading with some of my pieces.

I really would like to have an another exhibtion by the end of the year and find a new mentor. I guess its back to the market perhaps next month, if i go like the clappers for the next few weeks and have even more stock that will be great. I guess I will go make a nice cup of apricot... earl grey or perhaps green tea.

So take care out there.

cheers big ears.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I grabbed some songs off itunes of rems new album. I chose only 5 songs off there. Im listening to the lyrics and music... i have been crying and crying from it. Especially Oh My Heart and wALK iT bACK my two favs I have on repeat at the moment.

In my head with one of the songs all these memories of the past come flooding through the gate and into the home of my heart. Its making me cry but It what I need is to cry it out. Im sad cause i have been remembering these beautiful lil snippets of my past, one in particular where I went to visit my friend in bendigo and they had two dogs.. i got on my knees when I went there and they greeted me. I also remember in my stay during that time I went outside with a cup of tea and sat in the morning light thinking about things and just being at peace. Then my beautiful friend came out and just sat there chatting. I never drank coffee til after 2001 i dont know why. I do like a lattee here and there now.

I was once told that I was a temple and to look after myself. What other things are flying about from these dusty shelves of time? I recall this photo I have hidden of me hugging one of the cats at katies farm in benders... and in the poto the cat is smiling the smae smile as me... and the sun beams on my head,,, creating a halo.

So where has that crown gone? I have fallen and fallen.All everyone wanted for me was happiness and all I gave myself and letmyself feel was sadness. No wonder my very first date with a giy wasnt so great, hestood me up the next time after id waited 3hrs at the train station in hope he might arrive.

Speaking of past.. how many men did i like? Was it a few? I guess these are the days these are the ways of myself. The sun has really shined and I ignored all that grace and parents words of encouragement to lead my own life.

this book tonight is closed for me.. to many tear are falling

drifting away to the deep night and losing dreams.

night night.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


The world held its breath, the pin dropped, the moment she went east her heart pulled her west. Still the world held its breath, before that pregnant pause, in that moment of silence she walked away from it all.

Now inside (where the heart has stopped beating)the bird that used to tweet to remind her of all that beauty has become but dead. She used to sit outside and try to understand them, when locked up she could hear them now one step near and they fly away. An evil lurking.

The world let go, the pin dropped, the darkest fears emerged from being a dancer in the dark, her heart no longer pulled by the winds but by a laden emptiness, a ship that had sunk long ago, grave fears fill her waking moments and sorrow hath become her.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

broken up

Its 11pm and scooter has finally settled for the evening, I cant move from here. Well I can but oh well. Ive been dreaming a bit lately, some nightmares about bush fires. I had one great dream this beautiful purple sheet with a tiger on it was been held by two people and I was watching pictures move on the wall.. content in there. I have been crying myself to sleep too. I guess everyone does that from time to time.

well im breaking up inside out.

night night


Friday, March 4, 2011

broken up

I made jam yesterday, rhubarb and vanilla, Im looking at macaroon recipes and may attempt them tomorrow.. though I feel like carrot cake. I have not been blogging very much, have not felt so. Currently I am making my way slowly slowly through the movie Eat Pray Love, Ive broken it up into sections so its watchable. Laugh if you will about this....Eat segment, pray segment and love segment. The book is not so long but the movie is 3 hourish.

I have dinner in the oven., just spinach and ricotta rolls and salad for dad and I as mum and aunty anna have gone away for a few days to the big smoke. I tried these chips in the cupboard, balsamic and sea salt, i CANNOT eat them... bleh bleh bleh. Even with some lemonade. sheesh.

I have a few new pen pals to write to now. Another one from france and one from germany. I got my paints out but didnt quite manage to get to the canvas, I am addicted to fluff friends fb. I am going to make some tags tonight too. ANyhow the oven timer is about to go.. write more later alligator...

cheers big ears