Friday, March 4, 2011

broken up

I made jam yesterday, rhubarb and vanilla, Im looking at macaroon recipes and may attempt them tomorrow.. though I feel like carrot cake. I have not been blogging very much, have not felt so. Currently I am making my way slowly slowly through the movie Eat Pray Love, Ive broken it up into sections so its watchable. Laugh if you will about this....Eat segment, pray segment and love segment. The book is not so long but the movie is 3 hourish.

I have dinner in the oven., just spinach and ricotta rolls and salad for dad and I as mum and aunty anna have gone away for a few days to the big smoke. I tried these chips in the cupboard, balsamic and sea salt, i CANNOT eat them... bleh bleh bleh. Even with some lemonade. sheesh.

I have a few new pen pals to write to now. Another one from france and one from germany. I got my paints out but didnt quite manage to get to the canvas, I am addicted to fluff friends fb. I am going to make some tags tonight too. ANyhow the oven timer is about to go.. write more later alligator...

cheers big ears

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