Saturday, March 26, 2011


So saturday rocks around, I had two very vivid dreams but I think ill let them pass. Then woke to mum patting me on the head before she went to the hair dressers, I was ready to roll at 10.. went out for breakfast I fixed my sweet craving with their delcious fruit bread for only $5 then coffee and a pot of english breakfast tea.

Called into the scrapbooking shop to pick up a marker and some more coloured paper for cheap, all different shades this time. Came back home played a few games of scrabble, did some drawing. Then went and got the ingredients to test run making a black forest cake for one of mums friends birthday which is next week. So we are going to experiment making that tomorrow, a joint effort. Also bought some delcous chambord too.. i have not had that in years but gosh its a bloody nice drink.

I would have liked to have gone to the city today but opted out mainly cause the grandprix is on that and I dont think Im well enough to travel far atm. I ate waayyy too much today too much milk which has upset my stomach a little... two lattes plus an icecream. Anyway at the moment I am watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua , oh dear, oh well better than funniest home videos that's for sure. Having my usual quiet night in.

Welpers im still feeling a little down. Had frittata for tea mum cooked.


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