Friday, December 31, 2010

new year

......♥☼♥.•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥ ¸.•*¨`*•.♥☼♥......
╔═════════ ೋღ❤ღೋ ═════════╗
.♫♫....♫♫♫.... Happy New Year .. ♫♫♫....♫♫.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Its been a few days now, not a lot has happened, just cleaning, shopping and baking. I made gingerbread christmas trees, the look really good and taste really nice, last years recipe wasn't as good as this one. We made royal icing and mum dipped the tips in and I put the balls and edible glitter on them. In all we had enough to make 5 and that was a single batch mind you. I put photos up on fb. It was lovely to chat to nicola trond and roman too.

Yesterday I baked some macaroons, only I got the texture right but they looked awful so i'm doing something wrong. This is my 3rd attempt at making them this year, i'm not going to let them defeat me, i shall make them again and they will hopefully work. At the moment I just taking a rest after mopping the floor, if i step on it i'll break my neck or something, and that is not on my list of things to do today! I'm going to have lunch shortly and then get walking, might take the long way this time. Instead we are having meringues with ice cream and berries.. I will bake later today.

Also going to sit down and make some decorations, i bought purple crepe paper, blank stars purple and silver paper.Sit down with mum, put on some chirstmas music and create them. Welpers I must get going now... write more later

outta site vegemite

Sunday, December 19, 2010

black pants

Went to fountain gate today, briefly, wizzed there, had breakfast, shopped and wizzed home a flying and fleeting shopping trip. I finally found black pants with no saddle bags and they look good, I also found a lovely summer weight skirt too. Black of course... in one store they were having 50% off and i could not be bothered waiting in the queue to try stuff on, that and it looked like they'd put out their seconds/ items that wouldn't sell.

I will be back later maybe

Saturday, December 18, 2010


I weighed myself today, almost 7kg lost now! YAY! So happy, though over this week I was kind of expecting to gain a little, all the walking is worth it. I walked four days.. carried heaps of groceries. Got my hair cut, kind of not liking it though.. oh well just have to wear it back for the next six months til it grows out.

Last night mum made irish cream in the blender... forgetting that the blender would cream the cream! So mum ended up straining the cream through the sieve and funneled it into the decanter.I had two lil drinks, warmed my belly up. It is the best, it wasn't sharp rather smooth.

Mum is napping so is dad so Im going to go peel the potatoes for the roast.. back later alligator.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I am ever so glad that I did not send a harsh message to the lady i bought this necklace off of on etsy, as I ordered it about 3 weeks ago it arrived today. Its very pretty all reds. My business cards arrived too, also a parcel from one of dads friends in Japan. She is an illustrator never fails to send a card every year and so did a puzzle I ordered off my cousin.

So good things have come in three today. I bought all the ingredients to make mango, chicken and coriander rice parcels. Im making dumplings for us for dinner tonight. I went for my walk, and found that my sneakers did not give me blisters this time.. so perhaps I can wear them instead of buying new ones.

Its getting a lil packed down the street, kmart car park is full, coles carpark is packed..I have done all my shopping other than getting some clothes for me.. i need new jeans as the ones i own now are falling off me. Ive got to get the plants all potted up too. My lime tree is looking healthy and full of pee wee limes, it likes where it is though i almost killed it in winter by leaving it out in the frosts. Oooppsss.

I need a few summer scarfs as I love them, thin ones, I love hunting in op shops too. Welpers will write more later gator...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Went to warragul today, bought some beautiful purple tree ornaments, we have enough silver but not enough purple.. I think it needs a lil tinsel. The glass birds and angels look so beautiful under the tree lights.. I feel a lil bad though.. i kinda broke one ornament over in the shop and broke it.. it was an accident and I should have paid for it... but didn't.

I also went and got two types of coffee from the lovely store there, all ground up and ready to use, so then we have enough for about a month (ish). I just made burnt butter sage over gluten free pasta, the irony. So now I got a cup of tea and have settled in for the night.

Write more later alligator,

Sunday, December 12, 2010

done and done

A big thank you to a good friend who has helped me out with my art work.,... thank you sooo much. I hope you have enjoyed the goodies.

I have finished my christmas shopping and have mailed out nearly all gifts and most of the cards. I hope everyone like what I have sent. I was going to make jams and chutney for everyone.. Im mainly making that for family and a few friends plus potting up some succulents too. I bought more rhubarb, some cake toppers all the good things to bake with. Right now I have put the shortbread dough in the fridge for 30minutes.. Im hoping that will make it harder so then it doesn't just break apart and when its cooked I hope it melts in the mouth!

The smell is lovely, i cranked up the oven a lil bit as they are not cooking that well atm, I bought myself a scarf and a pretty pair of blue earrings for mum, got them on sale otherwise I would not have bought them. One of the items off etsy has arrived quite pretty really. Im waiting on my necklace to arrive so I can wear it with blacks.

Got an appointment on thursday to get my hair cut and styled, not sure how short to go. Right at this moment I have got the birds here again, one i've never heard before. Im a lil tired and have been having headaches a lot, not sure if its from eye strain or what.

Well I best be off now, done and done


Thursday, December 9, 2010

all in a morning

I got up early, started out making the key lime pie... which has been baked and is cooling down so I can put in the fridge,so I can take it with me tomorrow. I also have rhubarb and vanilla jam on the go at the moment too. A double batch, as the rhubard was on sale for just $2.48 super cheap from the little fruit place in the plaza. I like to support the little shops as I hate to see them close.

I found this beautiful juice of crushed raspberries and lemon, its good but a bit on the sugary side of things. So its not good for me, i think I may as well have had a glass of coke. Ive had my one coffee of the day. Though im like a sinking ship in need of rescue by the time 3pm rocks around, thats when i have mint tea.. but there is nothing like a coffee fix.

The jam is now all in jars with cute material on top. I need some sneakers too the ones I have give me blisters.. grrr. So im going to check out the sports stores here and see if they stock sketchers, you just never know.

So I have a feeling next week for a change, i'm going to get my hair cut and styled,.. not just a trim this time. Also Id like it dyed a bluish black raven colour. So now to get a wriggle on with basic house stuff, its not raining so I may even paint.

well thats it for now.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I remembered some emotions that I once felt, now I have not that which was but only what is. I was so caught up in that replay in my mind that the drink spilled from my hand to all over me. I missed out on a lot of things I starved myself of.

"the di is cast, the di has rolled, I feel like shit, you shine like gold"

Why I remember this quote Im not sure, it hasn't gotten me any further than the ponderings of what could have been if Id listened. I feel like watching some movies and curling up in bed let the day go and the thunder pass. Its raining a fair bit. I got the rhubarb to make some jam with, which I shall do early tomorrow morning , a double batch as its so cheap to make all it takes is my time. So i bought some baby food, organic fruit porridge or something like that ate one jar.... not so great to taste bleh rather but the jars are a perfect size for the jam.

Scooter and Oliver are very cuddly today cause of the storms. I need some proper walking shoes as the ones i've got now give me blisters *Sighs* (ouch) as I am going each day now, i push myself out of the house and let my feet hit the pavement. Im listening to the cure as I go. The two items I ordered off etsy are on their way! YAY can't wait. I got myself this beautiful necklace and I got mum a lil something too.

I think Im going to go get my eyes tested as I have been getting a lot of headaches after reading a lot. Never thought id see the day when I have to have glasses. Grr oh well. Anyhow I best be off for now

alright vegemite!

Monday, December 6, 2010

last few days

Went to taralgon only to find out when I got there that the person had the day off. Ho hum. So went shopping instead got some magazines and some other bits and pieces so I have finished my christmas shopping now. Just have to write some cards out.

I am just a lil low today not sure what to do. I bought some colourful pots for some of my succulents to go to.Yesterday we got a parcel sent to us was a suprise opened up to find we had won a book from a competition we entered from one of those puzzle magazines.

I went for a walk this morning. Now I am tired. Perhaps Ill go paint.

anyhow im off for a nap

Thursday, December 2, 2010


went for a walk today, only 20 mintues but its better than nothing. I watched a bit of cricket with dad, australia um are doing a lil badly actually. 3 out for 11 today. Anyway I will be off now..


Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The storms lasted a few hours... so I have been drawing to pass the time.. its one of those things that I have been meaning to get back to for a while. i am out of good paper. I got these great lil hand stampers for lil kids.. but they are great to use and create great patterns on brown paper dress it up with some pretty ribbon.

We are having pasta with burnt butter sage for dinner tonight. The pot is on the stove, water is heating up. I did want to go for a walk but getting struck by lightening is not on my list of things to do today.

Im going to make jam tomorrow.. if there is rhubarb still around! Otherwise maybe a strawberry jam. Not sure which one i should make. So I better get going for the moment...



Tuesday, November 30, 2010

sad day

I found a few things today that have had me in tears. I have been not just crying but weeping. I guess its for things that I cannot change or have any control over.

This morning I went and had breakfast at groovies, just sourdough toast with jam and a skinny latte. I noticed that skinny milk does not froth as good as full cream milk. *Sighs* oh well.. I have to cut back somewhere don't I. I went and got bubble wrap and a few other bits and pieces from the shops. Got home on the 9 o'clock bus home. I am going for a walk later, clear my head and stop if from filling up with all that mental clutter. Its a full house in there I tell you.

Last night went over to my cousins house to see him, took pizza with us, sat and chatted about things that are happening and going on. I was able to have some of these beautiful fabargae eggs that my auntie used to make with great love and care. I think they are stunning myself, they were a lot of work and I am happy to continue to enjoy looking and admiring them. I actually got to pat precious too (his beautiful lil timid cat) she let me pat her which is unusual as she generally hides from everyone. I got a big tin of buttons.. so Im going to create some pictures out them.

unreal banana peel

All right vegemite

for the moment


Sunday, November 28, 2010


Had family around for dinner it was really lovely, mum cooked a roast. Mum is feeling low today.. she is still sleeping which is unusual. So i'm up but tired again. We have chosen the purple white and silver for our chirstmas colours this year, last year lil Roman chose. Also wrapping up gifts in those colours as well...

I did not get out into the garden as it is toooo winnndddyyy and I don't like it. Today passed.. watched a lil cricket, looked up things on here, did a lil shopping and got the final things for a parcel which I MUST send tomorrow, i dare not think of the heart stopping amount its going to cost to send. Argh. Oh well. I guess it's only about twice a year. I sent a few bits and pieces off to my pen friends too. I hope they will like the small gift.

I need another good book to read, its sad to see another book shop close here...its unfortunate that they never last. They are having 35% off.

Well that's it for now


Friday, November 26, 2010


So I finally finished Luka and The Fire of Life... a brilliant novel that really sends you deep in the hills of imagination. I want to sketch some of the creatures he created.. such as bear the dog and dof the bear, nobodaddy,the elephants ducks, the landscapes, respecto rats the gods, mists of time etc... I was so lost in this enchanting world. Just a briliant book. I have to buy the first one.. i've read them in the wrong order but oh well.. I wish the adventure was lord of the rings thick! Perhaps I will go back and mark pages so I can draw from that.

Im wearing gold earrings and my gold rings... I felt like a change, i don't wear gold that often as I feel it does not suit me. White gold, yeppers, indeedy. It has been raining on and off good for my plants the I put along the fence line have settled and are growing nicely so I'll move at least 10 of them from my herb garden along there... will even put more herbs there.. i re-potted my aloe veras making one pot into 4 pots.. I have a few I have to jolly well swap over. Think dad and I combined have a green thumb.

So I voted, in and out of there in 5 minutes, quick, no long queue then went to a cafe for brunch. At the moment I am having bird psychosis, the only thing I can do is close the windows.. I have one i call the weeping bird another I call anthony bird, one that is the loud bird and the other is the angry bird. Scooter talks to me with her eyes at times and oliver not so much. I cant take it at times it un nerves me a lot and really shakes me to the core.

I based a story once when I was a teenager on a lyric from a song by tanya donnely "she walked everywhere on her hands cause she doesn't trust where her feet want to take her" I created other characters to go with it. Id like to find that story, i think I could edit it better now.. back then I tried to use the dictionary to find the biggest words possible and fit them into my story I thought I would come off as being more intelligent, now I see it as ill fitting. My teacher once told me that my writing was like "a purple patch of prose" and looking back.. he was right. I also wrote a story about a boy who went in search of his soul.. he traveled through the sky etc pretty much got the same comments back. Id like to write a short story but my imagination isnt as vivid as it once was.

So speaking of which in the alternate universe I dreams about mish and leanne and her mum... i was visiting somewhere and leanne had all these ribbons on her back i could reach them, tangible. They gave me ribbons but the only other thing I remember from this dream is that I wanted something that her mum had bought back from africa instad and it was a small image on some sort of thing hanging up.. of an african woman.. a shadow. it was red. All i can remember is them saying "you are too greedy" argh thats it thats all i remember.

So I let mum and Lou go shopping together they offered me to go with them but they need time together, Lou and Al are only down once a month roughly. Next time will be christmas.. anyhow.. that is for the moment



Thursday, November 25, 2010


Posted two parcels today.. cost and extra $9 for some reason or other to send any parcel to the us now grrrrr...the other one to nz see if it arrives there in one piece and not smashed which i fear it just may. *Sighs* Oh well my fault for not packing it well enough. So I had a coffee out this morning, got mum some cherries and have baked the lime tart, i have other house stuff to do but will once Ive had lunch. I am also making mint pesto as I have heaps of mint in the garden.

I read some more of luka and the fire of life... its really good and I am enjoying it thoroughly. Scooter is curled up next to me here.. she is good company and I always end up talking to her..same with Oliver... It will be good to have lou and alan here for the weekend.I have to vote tomorrow, labor or liberal? Hmm which one?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Angry today. Perhaps now I have an insight into what a family feud is all about and I do not think I like it so much. Enough said.

On another note today went to a few places, had two coffees made finished 3/4 of a novel and sat in the car for a while. I had a good day. Went to my cousins house..we took some rolls some fruit and a boston bun, have not seen in a long time so it was good to catch up. They have a pet lizard called Buddy! Not the usual type of pet. Her and Andrews kids are so beautiful. Only jessica was at home.

Well think thats all for today...

feel I need to sleep on it all.

nighty night.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Im just at home today. It is quite hot outside again. 30 something. I was going to go for a walk but it is way too hot already... so now im just indoors watching tv and perhaps a movie later.. i have had letters to juliet for quite some time now and it's just sitting there.. and sitting there.

I have a few new penpals to write to. Im listening to rachael yamagota, chillin. I am tired so I may have a nap later as I can sit outside in the sun.

write more later alligator

Sunday, November 21, 2010

hot days

We are in for some rather summery weather over the next few days... some days over thirty... so I got up relatively early and painted... i decided to work light to dark.. cept i went too dark in th middle... so im going to try and fix that up. I think the darer shades need to be on the edges. Oh well.

Other than that I have done little, attempted to have a nap woke up to the dog choking on gosh only knows what.. she was sick. Has stopped now though. I watched oprahs interview with jk rowling.. rather interesting. Though I have never read harry potter books at all. I have seen two of the movies though they were good. I have about 3 books in my reading pile now getting through them one at a time..

I just didn't feel like going for a walk today either, maybe after the filling dinner of bakebeans i shall. I could not bothered cooking either. As good as dumplings or meatballs are. So dad is already outside in his beloved garden, spraying the flowers with seasol i think.

I must admit i think we went a lil overboard on the word "small" parcel.. oh well its only once a year (well add an ish to that) I hope mum and auntie anna enjoyed themselves in the city. So back to cooking tomorrow no matter how hot it is going to be...

write more later alligator

spring clean

Spring cleaned the house today with mum... woke up at 6 went back to sleep woke up at 10 got up and started shortly after breakfast and began the day. So top to bottom... done and dusted literally. Forgot to have a coffee, stuck to water and lil glass of coke.

I know i strayed somewhat a lot from my diet this week.. possibly the junkiest week I have ever had for a long time. Back on the wagon this week though.... soup all day tomorrow.. mondays are cleansing days.

It completely slipped my mind that my auntie was making a pineapple pie for my lil sis and alan were supposed to come home this w/d. So we now have a few lil tarts to eat she made them as they are lous fav and it slipped my mind to tell her that they would not be here. OOppss a daisy.

Well we have done all the christmas shopping for o/s gifts will be frequenting the post office this week argh oh well. Just means more money flying out of my wallet, though i guess it isn't really the season to save.

I am one tired out chickadee

cheers and goodnight

Thursday, November 18, 2010

here, there

Here and there today, this morning I thought man i've missed the bus... so I decided to crank up the music and leg it... half way down service rd the bus passed me. I thought oh well, damn. I think it ignited my passion for walking again. I have not done that in quite some time as I have always been afraid of the bridge.

I have done a few house things, a lil gardening in my herb patch moved some borrage plants from there to the fence line.. I am going to see how they grow there, if they work they will look spectacular and i can get some smaller flowers to accompany them at the base. I put seasol on them and if they last a week I shall transfer more. I have to get the basil plus lemon grass in now the frosts have gone. I have nursed my lime tree back to full health it looks beautiful blossoms and mini fruits on it. I have been feeding it coffee grounds and a lil extra plant food as it is heavy feeder (i read somewhere) I am going to wash the pots and put mints together. Happy am I that my lemon verbina has come back from what I thought was dead so did dad but in this case mum new best! The garden is hard work, dad does nearly all of it I only have my lil patch but that is enough and am wrapped that dad is listening to me and leaving the plants clumped together and not have one flower here and the other a meter away, as we just had a beautiful stunning display of iris in amongst a lush green and pink plant with geraniums.

Scooter is missing dad, she sits on his lap nearly every afternoon after he has had his lunch and they generally nap together it is very cute. So right now she is on his chair sleeping with her blanket over her of course. I spent a few hours surfing i tunes trying to find some new music to buy.. i did in the end bought some oldies but goodies and some newies. I am loving Fleet Foxes the remind me of moody blues.
I got clare de lune now.. how I love that piece of music. When I listen to Rachael Yamagata she makes me want to cry, especially the song Elephant. It is beautiful.

We are heading out for chinese tonight. YAY. I have not had that in quite some time.
So I guess I will get going now...

have a few things I must do.

in a while crocadile


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I had this dream last night the only bit I can remember from it was this guy pulling out a pair of fangs from some extinct animal and was about to dig them into some other dudes shoulder and that is where it ended, I woke up. I have a feeling its because there has been a lot of media hype around them trying to bring back the tasmanian tiger and i watched footage of it on the news. It is pretty scary stuff, the kind of stuff that jerassic park is made of. Can you imagine that they start doing what they did on the matrix and that being they had humans being born in artificial wombs. I wonder when that will happen in this world today.

I am listening to Rachael Yamagata.. she has such a beautiful voice. Reminds me a lil of cat power. There is an old one for you! I have done my good deed for the day, I dropped in two whopping bags of books to the op shop. I let go of my chick-lit books nearly all of them bar 2, it felt good. They we just sitting in the garage getting dusty... i was going to sell them at the market but well they may as well make some money off them for charity. So i spoke to Kylie yesterday and she said a very good thing...borrow chick lit from the library! That way i won't waste my money. I can spend it on proper books.

I have started reading Rushdies newy i must say it is very good thus far. I am going to paint later. Though i have a bit of the birds tweeting at me today. Grrrrr. When I close my eyes sometimes i see the other universe,not in spots but in whole colours. I guess dreams are the alternate to this life and at times it feel like im living in my head more then in reality.

Well must motor


Monday, November 15, 2010

big smoke

A rather un eventful weekend really. So yesterday went to the big smoke, took some photos of some street art. I could walk around all day and take snap shots. Its fun, For a tiny camera its pretty sharp. Mum and I went to a cafe called cumulus, now baring in mind its a monday at 10amish and it was packed. Full with a different array of people, we ordered a ham and cheese toastie the bread was really lovely and we also ordered a wicked morning treat a french style gingerbread topped with candied nuts, cream/butter over the top. I had a cup of tea to cut through the sweetness mum had her usual.. long black. I really like the atmosphere/vibe in the joint. I will be going back there for sure perhaps make it a new haunt.

Once breakfast was over we went for a healthy dose of retail therapy, first stop, book store to get the tinga tinga book for my lil nephew, so bright soooo clourful i worry that he is too old for that now but Im going to send it anyway. I also bought Salman Rushdies newie.Luka and The Fire of Life. i have not read any of his work in quite some time, I loved midnights children (i should read that again) (its sitting in one of my book boxes in the garage)(like half of my stuff) Sometimes I feel like grabbing one of my boxes and bringing it in and sifting through it. Especially hunting for these beautiful asian bowls I have got somewhere.

Anyway after book shopping, went to the tea store, my fav shop, greeted by the gentleman who owns it bought my fav huro puro puro (raspberry leaf green tea , apple berry green tea and two new ones lemon myrtle and ginger plus an orange/ marigold. Walked a few places here and there came home on the earlier train as I was not feeling so great.

So today is a new day of course. Went out for a bit, at the post office I spent a lot of time working out how to place some stuff in a bloody box.. i ended up using the bigger one and just padding it with some extra sheets of bubble wrap. needless to say it took about 15 minutes to figure that out.. after trying the small box it was just a fraction too big for.. grrrrr. So i had no time for a coffee at all. Just hurried up for the bus and then home.

I woke up at 5am the alarm sounding as dad caught the 6am train to the city to go to his record friends house/shop. I am tired now and its only 2pm... mum must be exhausted as she is working. I need a nap. The cat jumped on my bed this morning and curled up near and of course promptly went to sleep which is a rare thing. Now he just woken up and wants to go outside.. hmm.. well anyhow..

I best be off...

ciao for now

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Last few days I have been feeling a little lost. I was looking forward to catching up with friends, stuck down by depression. I have been on you tube looking at video clips of some songs i heard on rage and its like a whole rabbit hole of bands there, you go to one that leads to another and you just keep on clicking away. So I have written them down into my phone and will get their albums either tomorrow in the big smoke or from itunes store. I am going to go to the cheap book store and to dymocks as I love it there.

I turned the cake into something more edible, adding alcohol and a few other bits and pieces, mushing it all up, to give away as I do not need it on the lips then onto the hips. So I found some old stuff i wrote back in 96 its all dribble really. Only a few nice lines are worth saving from it, think i'll write them out and pop the rest of the book into the recycling bin.

I must get some christmas shopping done for my penpals it will be small gifts and cards.. for on of my pen pals she is into scrap booking so i got there beautiful velvet butterflies that will look cute on the pages. I received a lovely lil present from my Italian pen pal she made me a hand beaded frog its just delightful. I will figure out what to make/buy for everyone.

So I have to work out what to send for my business cards to be made, ive got to designs and a few ideas floatin around so today i'll come up with some mock ups.
I am listening to cyndi lauper at the moment trying to cheer myself up a bit. Anyhow that will do for now...

on with the show...

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Whilst i baked, and made pumpkin and coriander fritters... i was surfing the internet and came across a real gem of a singer Camille O'Sullivan Im so going to buy her cds on Monday, her voice is incredible I was and am impressed. So I guess I should get itunes working on this puter then I could just go download them.

Im either breaking the cake up to turn it into rumballs or im making the syrup and buying some icecream to serve it with. Argh alas I don't know i will let mum be my taste tester.... since dad has to get his tooth out and can't have any sweet stuff.

Oh well. Write more later.. dinner now

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I stayed home yesterday and did well little. I had an unproductive day, I did not paint, read or write, i watched nikita online instead. Not all episodes but some of them. This morning I turned it to abc kids, there just so happened to be an ainmation on called Tinga Tinga Tales, using animals to tell tales about african animals. Its terrific, the dvd doesn't come out til next feb so means i'll have to tune in to the abc at 9:25am each morning! Well if Im not out already. The vivid colours add to it too. I think I may invest in some of the books too its aimed at 3-6 year olds but well i love it!

So now it is quite warm outside and I quite fancy painting for a little bit. I want to get a bit of work done. It looks like another day at home. Welpers I better be off. Went down the road and got the ingredients for the cranberry/strawberry sauce I am going to make to go with the flourless chocolate that i'll do on friday. I found some big beautiful jars for my jams at a cheap rate of $2 each it sure beats paying $20 for five, i can get twice as many now.

I managed even though I'm feeling down, to go out. Tomorrow I better go see what herbs are available, get stuck into my herb garden. I need to plant some basil. I am craving pasta at the moment, might have some out as a treat. Tonight mum cooked some steak and served with Asian greens and potatoes. Other than the local news paper, I have not read anything today.

I'll get by


Sunday, November 7, 2010

poor oliver

Woke up to lil oliver sitting with weeping eyes and saliva dribbled everywhere,poor thing. So we took him to the vets, the diagnosis is that he has the flu. U can feel his hot temperature on his lil ears still, they gave us some medication that he has to have every day. He is no well at all, more cuddly doesn't mind being petted and sat on mums lap even though there were two big dogs there in front of him. So it is just rest for him, mum is out at the shops getting some fish for the pets plus a few other things. We are to back in a week.

Mondays are soup days for mum and I. Soup for lunch soup for dinner. Went shopping today got two new tops ( i said i wouldn't) one is tight but I think that by the time next winter comes I should be down to that size. The other is a beautiful, yes i know, purple top, all I was after was some black trouses/jeans. I am still in grey cords, my fav $2 buy. I bought some lovely material to cover up my jams with, pink spottted, not the gingham i was after.

I am going to attempt to make cranberry, strawberry and vanilla syrup to go with a cake that i'm taking to a friends house next weekend. I want to trial run it.. as it will go with ice creams, desserts, cakes , vodka and soda water. I want to test out a mango butter as well... only when the mangoes cost $1 though. I found these beautiful jars to buy too, im on the hunt for some nice bottles. Perhaps warehouse there will b some.


in short that is today.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I have doubts about next sunday. I don't think I want to go to the prezo girls lunch. Right now I just want to curl up with a book and have a nap. I woke up at 630amish went back to bed at 8 and woke at 10am. I needed the sleep. I don't feel as miserable as I did yesterday, my headache is gone and i don't have heaps of the sniffles. I admit that I have incredible dreams but not a really great reality at the moment, i need to find a balance somewhere in this waking world.

Mum made the lentil and meat burgers for lunch, they were delish. we were given some beautiful free range eggs by one of mums friends from work.. the yolks are super yellow possibly some double yolkers amongst them. Mum went to an aromaherapy/body shop party, i would be hopeless there.. sniffing and smelling all that would make me sneeze more.

It's a perfectly still day, I want to paint but i;m feeling like a lazy bones right now. Tis time for another sleep.

for now cheers.

Friday, November 5, 2010


It is a lovely day, the sun is out, scooter is running around the back yard, dad is going to mow the lawns and mum is out grocery shopping. I did not go today as I am feeling like crap and it wouldn't be fair to give a cold to my friend either. So there is a whole lime tart to eat! If I had my way. Mum is going to cut it up and share it with family, I can't wait to have a piece. One of mums work friends had some of the vanilla and rhubarb jam, she ended up getting a teaspoon out and eating it straight from the jar. So its good to know.

Which will be after we have had lunch, heading to this lovely cafe in yarragon for the caramelized onion pizza, its delicious. Even though I have had some off the wagon days I have managed to lose a bit more weight which is great. I know its only been about 1kg a week but that's not so bad.

I am still tired and no doubt will have an afternoon nap. Well i'm off to sit in the sun to read one little short story. Went outside sat in the sun and chatted to dad instead, there is a slightly cold breeze.

Thursday, November 4, 2010



Sore throat, a little bit of sniffles... yes indeedy mums cold has been passed on, Dad has caught it too. Its the first day and It has has made me super tired. I felt like napping but couldn't as I had an appointment to keep in the middle of the afternoon.

I made another key lime pie to take with me tomorrow. I sorted through some art work, did some washing think i'm heading to bed early too. On that note im off to cook tea.


Agh Oh I woke up this morning sire throat and runny nose... I have got what mum and dad have got. No no no no no damn! It's early so i have a manuka honey, lemon and ginger tea. Hope that will help a bit, my nose is going.p Grrr and I thought I had escaped it.

Im still making the key lime pie today that will cheer me up.. I have to go through my drawings and see which ones are possibilities for my business cards.

more later gator

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I made some more jam today, i almost burnt it. SO its a very jammy jam. I made double and so there are four jars here awaiting to be gifted. I was super tired so I had a nap at noon til about 1:30pm ish. A wave of tiredness swept over me.

I have marinated the chicken following the recipe, peanut butter, sweet chili sauce, soy and coriander. Its called sticky chicken and you have with brown rice and asian greens. Repcipe from weigh it up australia. So far its one of my favorites. This is the second time i've made cooked it.

I was "off the wagon" of the diet and today jumped back on. I am listening to moby at the moment. Thinking about some good times I had listening to some of these songs, especially at St Georges Road. I miss that house. It was a lot of fun living there I loved it. Now I am living at a very different pace, here in the countryside and i'm much older but i miss living in the city.

My life feels at a stand still. I spend so much time at home and not enough out. Well dinner is a cooking and I better go check on it.

odds on

Yestderday was a public holiday, well for victoria anyhow, melbourne cup, horse race. I bet on some of them, lost it all and then put $10 on for american and came out with $20 more than I put on. A good little flutter. I tend to break even, funny that.

I bought some rhubarb to make jam with. I'm sorting through my drawings working out what to take with me. Im going to make the lime pie again. I did some drawings today, really pretty trees.

I wrote a letter, went outside and down the street for a little bit. Only had two instant coffees today... but once again i strayed from the diet and had a small bit of chocolate... so I will start again tomorrow.


I best be off now...

got a bit of work to do.



Saturday, October 30, 2010

slow day

Could the day go any slower? It started out ok, went out for breakfast had some fruit bread and a coffee at my fav cafe here. I have read a short story, looked through cook books...watched 27 dresses on tv. Now the nanny diaries is on, I have not seen it in quite sometimes. The dog is driving me bonkers.. she has finally settled with the blanket over her head and sleep on her agenda. Its only 9:10pm. It feels like forever today. I totally lost my diet plan too, eating bread, a florentine and a slice of lime pie and then to top it all off had fish and chips for dinner. I mean why stop there, i could eat more.. hell i've probably put on what i took off over the fortnight.. *sighs* my fault.

Im a lil angry too. Just over something little really. I won't post it here though, think I'll keep it to myself. So i'm listening to a mixed bag of music and looking at things i can buy from shops on etsy.

well think im gonna have an early night somehow.

curl up with my book.


Friday, October 29, 2010

kim edwards

Found a beautiful quote today from her book of short stories:

"More than ever, the world seemed full of mysteries she could hardly comprehend, and the visible fell like a veil between herself and something else, something glimpsed at unexpected moments –a white curtain rising from an open window, or leaf shadows playing on the tiled floor of her room images that layered and gathered, inexplicable but powerful. Yet her intuitions could no longer be contained by the structures she had accepted all her life, and this discovery made her feel breathless, as if she stood on the edge of an abyss, even while the world went on much as it always had, knit back together by the ordinary day-to-day."

Just love it.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

ooops a daisy

I have not written here for a few days, went to warragul got some coffee, that is all I bought there. It is a really nice blend. Aside from house work and reading not too much has been going on. Yesterday was my lil nephews birthday, he turned 5! Growing up so fast now, he starts school next year.. sheessssh. Last night mum made a delicious green chicken curry she was a lil heavy handed with the curry paste though. Man talk about spicy, my eyes were watering and my nasal passage got cleared!

So its Friday now, lou and alan are coming home for a few days. So far the day has started out with me bruising my knee im expecting a quite a big bump, mum putting the wash on but not turning the water tap thus it me not realizing til half way through.

Im making a key lime pie (well lime pie anyhow) I wanted to use gingernuts as the base mum doesn't like the idea so granitas it is! Welpers better hop to it and start baking as its going to be a sunny 28. So let see now.. its afternoon now...and i'm startingt o think that perhaps not got out of bed... i did all the washing only to discover a bird had done a shit that landed square in the middle of the bloody sheet! Now that is not lucky! GRRRRRR

The pie erm is rather interesting, i should have doubled the insides filling and would look a lot better as for taste... its a bit zingy which is good. So I wonder what else could possibly go wrong now? Things can only get better from here. I am currently reading a great short story book by Kim Edwards called The Secret of a Fire King. Very good.

write you later alligator.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I wore my lovely looking wedges sketchers into the city today...not so sure that was a wise idea. About half way through the day I got a lil blister on the back of my left foot... grrr needless to say it hurts.. so I borrowed mums socks and shall let it recover for a few days. The train ride now both there and home to two hours... their mayb more services to the country but the time is sllllllllllllllooooooowwwe by half an hour/20 minutes. I wore my fav purple t-shirt and $2 grey cords.

Met up with besty and went to le petit gataue a french cake place.Starters the cake was good but totally not worth the whopping $37 dollars for the three of us! HEART ATTACK as the cake size was very very small (ok ok so i cheated again)(but i think i walked it off)

After that went to jb hi fi and got a book and a cd. The cd is called Aston, they do classical versions of pop songs. I got home and listened to it. Quite good I think. I will put it onto my i-pod. The book I got is just short stories... really beautifully written I was enjoying them on the way home, instead of reading hemmingways the old man and the sea which I found a dusty old box in the garage of my books.

Walked around for a bit more and then I just wanted to get out of the city an hour earlier than planned just couldn't take much more of my foot hurting. I also paid for something off etsy, can't wait for it to arrive. I had some sushi for lunch.. yum yum just two rolls.. with water.

Got home and mum made the mango salsa to go with fish.. very yummy and delcious gonna have the left overs for lunch tomorrow..


gots to go to bed now me tired and have a day out again tomorrow..

nighty night

Sunday, October 24, 2010


saturday came along. It takes dad FOR EVER to get ready to go to auntie lynne and uncle rons house. He took 2hrs and then he said "give me a chance" when it came time to go. SHHHEEESSSH! I don't know sometimes. Questionable! We hit the road at 12:30ish stopping in yarragon for a coffee, plus i cheated on my diet and shared half a whopping florantine with Mum, dad had a yoyo. In the car I read some more of corrinne grants book, by the days end I had only four chapters to go.

Went out for dinner, I ordered the pork with mango salsa lying on a bed of asian greens
and a huge swampland of rice, I ordered the wrong thing it took extra 20 minutes to cook. The scenery from the pub is beautiful, as its on a hill. Went back to their house and watched a movie, something about a train hijacking with john travolta and denzel washington.

Next day got up, finished reading book started another novel called Letter To D, by a philiospher from france. I picked it up as it was only $5 at the local book store. Its a real beautifully written letter to his wife.... the ending is tragic, they commited suicide together as he could not live without his her and she without him, by the time we arrive home I had finished reading the novel. Heartbreaking.

So got home had cousin over for dinner, just chicken and veg. Then settled in to watch junior masterchef. Gee those kids put me to shame! Some of them are channeling chefs (i swear), so talented. Louise and Alan are home next weekend and have rquested that I make the lime/meringue cheesecake for them. No worries as long as I only have a thin sliver of it.

Well its early monday morning and I need to get moving now..

have a good day.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

tags and bags.

It is a bright sunny 29 day. Absolutely stunning. Got dressed wore my favorite purple t-shirt, so I went to get more paper Had a look at the op-shops. I bought some more glitter glue spray mist.

Im watching Oprah, today it is talented lil kids, im so amazed at how they seem to channel their talent from the great beyond.

write more later

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I am cooking something called sticky chicken served with a stir fry and brown rice. Its a recipe from weigh it up australia, I doubt that dad will like it though... it has sweet chili and hosin sauce. We will see. It all smells nice will it taste nice? I hope so.

Write more after dinner...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

going and going

I woke up, had breakfast, washed hair started working on my cards,its now twoish, i only stopped for a short lunch break and have been going and going and going.. i cut up the cats i drew, went through some folders and found more work to chop, only thing is i'm out of card stock.

So later after I have written here I am going to start christmas tags. I have 3 orders for them so far. I am aiming for the november market now, just local. I'd ultimately like to aim for the Hatch Market at the melbs library next year.

I know i am not supposed to be drinking coffee, I try to stick to one cup a day though that is no always the case. I will order all the herbs next week. I did a random thing yesterday,picked up a u2 cd, its ok. I have to watch rage and get re-educated with music again. I have only used half my i-pod capacity.

So I am straying from my diet tonight and having some ricotta and spinach pasta with a massive salad. For lunch today I had flat bread with salad and a tin of tuna. I was meant to have brown rice and tuna... but just didn't feel like it.

I feel like sitting in the sun. Perhaps the 4pm sun otherwise I burn. I used to just go brown and tan , now i just burn....

I better get back to it.

have a good day.

Monday, October 18, 2010

since then

SinceI last blogged not much has been going on. Just the usual, making cards, painting.. reading... sticking to some of my goals. I have almost lost 2kg. I know its not much but then I have not been for walks or swimming like i said I would. So I gots to start. I have signed up for this weigh it up australia my aim by the end of eight weeks is to be 103kg.. id like to be 100kg, so it's up to me to move it and lose it.

I read michael caines autobiography... im now reading another novel called Lessons in Letting go (confessions of a hoarder) by a funny lady corinne grant. Plus i bought gai waterhouses autobiography too. I felt week and over spent a lil bit. Oh well. Tonight we are having fish and salad for dinner.

I have been dreaming at night but I cant for the life of me remember them. Such is life. I will write more later alligator.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

spring as sprung

Its beautiful to see that the seeds are sprouting up so well. Ive been giving them sun in day and put them under shelter at night. Although I had a quiet weekend. Did not do too much. I have sent two parcels off and sticking to a few of my every day goals so far out in the sun, reading a autobiography (michael cains) (its really intersting) and I have lost a bit of weight too, so these herbs im taking are helping me mum went a bit crazy and bought two more boxes of this powder. I take it half an hour before lunch and dinner and leaves me feeling full so I eat less.

So Im not going to go to high tea in the city as I would just completely sabotage myself. I am still making jams and chutneys but i'm giving them away as apposed to keeping them and adding them to yogurt or having it on a freshly sliced bread/rolls. There is another habit I am trying to break and that is coffee... I only like it with sugar and Iv gone from three cups to two cups a day now. I think if I keep it as a proper one once a day and then mint tea/ green tea. Ive got to kick coke too. Its a sugary substance that Im addicted to.

Anyhow, I will now leave it there, and go an do a lil painting.



Friday, October 8, 2010


Its saturday now and I stayed up til midnight, ergh needless to say i woke up at 6am but then slept in til 8am. I am reading a wheightloss book, its probably the first real slim dieting/change of eating book i've read. Ive got to lose weight, i have put no effort yet. So I have set a realistic goal of 10kg for the moment.

So i'm at home mum is at the cafe i decided to as per usual, stay home. I am trying to get out more I just can't bring myself to at times. Its glorious day, warm in the sun but freezing in the cold... brrr its 19 a little more than yesterday. Sat in the sun with lil scootie, she loves being outside when someones with her and at time sits like a lil diva on your back as you garden.

Off to go shopping shortly, for my lil nephews birthday present. I cant believe he will be 5, growing up superduper fast. Will write more later gator.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

super tired

these past few days i have been ultra tired, super tired. Im not sure why. i just have stayed home, have not done a lot, mainly slept a whole heap. Anyway failed attempt atmaking apple butter.... palles didnt cook long enough am thinking of making a crumble out of it or eating it with yogurt.

Well Im a going to make myself a coffee and move on.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

few days

In the past few days I have drawn a few city streets, made some delicious rhubarb and vanilla jam... made power packed lemon sour cream cup cakes... Today however I was not too impressed with the hour and a half wait for my appointment, the good side made a start on a book that i've been meaning to read for a while, the down side is I hadn't had a coffee yet so I was struggling to stay awake, i almost dozed off.

After buying the groceries I went to the opshop and found a really floaty top that just fits me so i shall wear it painting. I got some glasses so I can make lemon curd, vanilla scented apple butter and i'm making some chocolate macaroons too for lou and allen.

Im still tired... i have not had any extra sleep. argh. Oh well. Am having jacket potatoes for dinner as we have not had them in a long long long time and they are tasty simple and delicious and besides I did not fancy making a quiche, i couldn't be bothered making pastry today.

I tried some of the pear chutney I made. Its quite nice. So we are keeping the small jar it goes well with cheese too, mum is making scones this weekend so we can have the jams and curd,, i gots the cream in the fridge and it doesn't cost much to make them.

So i best be off..

Monday, September 27, 2010


. Been asked to make more rhubarb and vanilla jam and lemon curd. So Im going to do that over the next few days. I will make more chutney too.

So today went to an art store in morwell. On thursdays they hold a contemporary art day from 10-5pm. One can go for as long or as short as you like. I wish I could drive. Its just one of those things really.

So ive still got a few paintings to do. I turned my hand to drawing today. Doing little street scenes etc.

Friday, September 24, 2010

feast fit for a king

It's the football grand final here, that means plenty of get togethers, catch up loads of drinking all gathered around the tv to watch the game... we are heading to my cousins house. On the menu so far.. sausage rolls, jelly lollies, chips, drinks,twiggy sticks, cheese. My cousin has some doughnuts and is making a butter cake.. a feast fit for a king not just the four of us! I don't watch footy that much but I am going for stkilda today. I do so hope they win as they haven't won a grand final since 1966.

We are just about to leave now... so I best be off...


Welpers the game was a nail biter and in the end, a draw. So they have to come back and play it next week. I was miffed, like most people, can't believe it.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

pear shaped

So the fog has lifted from over me, i'm still a little down. I should be happy.. swimming along..... I have downed my paint brushes for the day and donned my cooks hat. I have a distinct feeling that the lot beautiful ingredients I have on the stove is going literally pear shaped. Its a chutney, pear chutney at that. I used the right amount and its been on the stove for just over an hour, I have this irksome feeling that it needs two hours, as I checked some other recipes that have that amount needs not 1 but yes 2. So ive got the timer on for every 15 minutes so I can check and taste it. So far.. it needs some more lemon zest perhaps. I cannot be bothered making the quiche for dinner so think it will be blt's.

falling down

Im in a very emotional state this morning, my heart feels heavy, my tears are streaming down my cheek, i just put one of the most beautiful songs on and cant help but be sad. I was once told by a friend that I am the queen of hearts...I was once told that this guy would grow a blue rose for me, I was once told that I was beautiful.

I don't see any of that anymore. I changed into a selfish cold hearted woman. Who always wanted to be alone, no I am, I'm not so sure loneliness is a friend, for a time being it about 8 years going on now.. I have not made any new friends, Im socially awkward, i stutter a lot... so I got my wish then didn't I? (so now i am mantled to the cold of life)

I have no inner compass, i feel like i'm down a well... so that is what i am beating myself up over this morning. I have to go grocery shopping, Im going to fill my day. Ive got to stop.

fare thee well for now

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So i slept last night... i woke up just past midnight. Went back to sleep I had this dream, i was walking through a park with a friend, allt hese beautiful coloured birds were chirping around us, losing their feathers and we were catching them in our hands all I can remember is that she said "ur art is mundane" and i said " I lost my beauty about 7 years ago now" birds chirped all around us some more and I woke up. It was a message from afar. So i woke up at 7amish to a flooded kitchen floor, the taps leek had intensified over night from a drip to streaming puddle.The plumber came, fixed it all.. im sure a relatively large bill will be mailed to us soonish.

I have been a lil down today.. though I have many things I should be doing. Upon reading this book where there are a few passages about love that remind me of my own brief brushes with it, yes i'll admit I did know love but now it is a stranger to me. I know it not. I know not a lot perhaps it's time to learn and challenge myself.

Well I will write more later mush dash alligator
"nobody sees how our hearts break"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Monday rocked around and I headed to the city to meet up with a few friends that I have not seen well one in over a year and now they have a lil tacker... the other in over two years. The train was packed on the way there it being school holidays and the melbourne show and all that jazz.

Sat at Max Brennas qv centre, having morning coffee, i made lil goody bags for them both. The cupcakes I made are a tad dry nothing I could do.. at least the icing was delicious. It was a lovely day the sun came out... made walking around in suede shoes a lil warm for me. Ergh oh well.

Then went to go for lunch, ended up having the lunch place closed on mondays... grrrrr... oh well... next time I guess. So ended up at the shaghai noodle and dumpling house.. unfort. the food was not that great there this time round. *sighs* After that walked around looking at stores and slowly walking up to southern cross, chatting as we went.

Came home on the 3:20pm train... teenagers across from me have so many piercings, i don't know how they can have that many. It's insane. I just read my book and listened to my music, whilst mum slept.

I have stated painting again over the past few days, its great. Ive been painting the owls, trees and some abstract pieces, in well I have this beautiful magenta colour so i've used shades of that. I have not really cooked this week been a bit lazy, meat and three veg. Might make a quiche tomorrow though.. have all the ingredients.

Well mum is cooking dinner tonight.. im a lucky ducky..



Saturday, September 18, 2010


I made creme de menth cup cakes today... i think they are just chocolate mud.. not that sweet, made some crem de menthe icing to go with them and half a little after dinner mint to go on top. I am waiting for them to cool down.

Ive been up since 8 ish but have not done much.. a few puzzles here and there, a bit of washing. Im a little steady today. Ive been listening to tea party. Im looking at cafes to have lunch at with angiebear and rony.

Welpers. I will get back to puzzles now

moulin rouge

Was watching the abc and the titles came at me.. the original moulin rouge. I had only ever seen baz lurmans version......but with this one , I started I was swept away with the script, words, music and its beauty. A really well scripted film an absolute classic. The film was heart breaking and I felt some of the quotes are relevant to me. Especially the heart breaking loneliness that was brilliantly displayed. The beautiful subject of love and dark days finding beauty.

So it took up the afternoon. This morning I wrote a few letters, had some toast and went and bought 3 tops one is for home and painting in the other is white and the other is a throwover. So I guess the day went fairly fast. Im going to make some curd later too.

So i have the choice of 3 varying meals for dinner risotto, goulash or bake beans. Think im leaning towards risotto somehow. Welpers, write more later alligator

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have been absolutely super tired these past few days, I gave no clue as to why. It was bed at 9 then woke up at 9ish... went back to bed with massive headache at 6pm woke up at 8pmish.... then last night bed at about 10.. slept in til about 8ish. I don't know why im so super tired. I have been drawing, I went shopping for groceries... i baked some melting moments for dad to take to his appointment. I got a cup cake carried.. im going to make chocolate mint cupcakes later today. I found a great recipe for them.

I sat with my calligraphy pen today and wrote a few letters. Sometimes I fancy using it... its a dip pen and i have found that the cheaper ones work the best. Though there is a great pen shop in elizabeth st that louise showed me... they sell some stunning pens and great notepaper... I think I shall call in there next week.

I bagged up my cards the other day... it works out that I have made around 200 gift tags... shhhheeeesshiiieess... i really have been as mum would say (going like the clappers)...its lunch time now ..

best be off then


Saturday, September 11, 2010

packed up

I packed up and cleared the work space for a few days. Last night I bagged up all my gift tags, all up i have made around 200. I have many more to make though. I only managed to make 14 bags worth of ten but I've sent away a fair few.

I made it through one of the lowest days I usually have. I put plans on pause til tomorrow. I woke up at 10am, slept soundly, no 4am wake up. So i'm going to ring a few people tomorrow see if I can get a spot at the markets around here. Also shall get business cards made.. ive drawn the back drop for them (little black and white umbrellas)

Its getting warmer now so I can paint again. Mum is cooking goulash for dinner... delish. Must go now...


Friday, September 10, 2010

bumper crop

the photo above is of the bumper crop of umbrella cards I made today. I have been going non stop since this morning. Though mum cooked a carbonara at my request for lunch. Thats about it for right now.


a very un eventful day. I stayed home. Got a LOT of drawing done as it was raining outside. I drew around about 4 pages of various coloured umbrellas done. And a quarter of a page of cat shadows done too, they will look great when I have made them into cards.

I had blt for dinner as U did not feel like cooking, now I have a pasta craving so im gonna look up a cream base one, That's what I fancy. Im a wee bit tired right now and its early morning. Perhaps I need another coffee? Or Mint tea.? hmm a pick me up of sorts is the order of the day.

See what else happens, write you later aligator


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

a jammy sort of day

I'm a bit tired and this is the first chance to sit down nearly all day. I have not made any cards yet. I will do that tonight. The poppy ones look really pretty.

I made a double batch of curd, rhubarb and vanilla jam and still to come is lamb and mint sausage rolls. Sheesssshies. Im just taking a half hour rest. Ive chopped all the onion etc for them just a matter of mixing up the spices and adding to the meat. Im not baking it in filo im using extra butter puff pastry instead. See how they will turn out. I have a bit more mince than is required.. I grabbed it in a mad dash around the supermarket, so as I could catch the bus home. Mum is buying salad to go with them.

I better get cracking with the mixture..



Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I know its wednesday now, four or so days have passed since I last blogged here. So sunday, mum cooked a roast as it was fathers day. I got dad a mini greenhouse seedling raising tray. So cute. Louise also got him something practical.. a self heating heat pack, great for him as he tends to lie on the bleeding paths all over the garden and then says his back is playing up too. I wonder why?!!

Monday seemingly slipped past un eventful, bar washing and having a coffee out.Yesterday I challenged myself, I went to a painting class at yarragon town hall. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. There were about 20 of us there. At the moment she is teaching watercolours. To which I no nothing at all about. It was of another persons painting that we copied off. Mine isn't too bad.

So I managed that. I woke up today and Id like to go to spotlight. I waited and waited for the train... never came so I started to walk to the scrap booking shop... and heard the toot toot just after i got over the tracks. GRRRR oh well. I spent enough anyway. I used my loyalty card.... and only had to pay 80cents!

I bought more rhubarb , vanilla and am ready to make lemon curd again. I bought some small jars and i just got put them in the oven for a bit. My mood is lifted and I am a little sad still. A little frightened. I hope it will pass soon..

on that note'


Friday, September 3, 2010


Am cooking for my cousins birthday. I was not happy with the raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake so I made some lemon sourcream cup cakes. Im in the process of making some rhubarb and vanilla jam for lou and alan too. I have enough ingredients to make lemon curd so I shall also do that later as well.

Ive been drawing. I bought some lovely plain cards that im going to draw on later. Im hungry and it looks like lunch will be a vegemite and cheese on bread. I have not had that in a while.

My cheesecake turned out um edible but not that great. Well I will write more as the day slowly unfolds..


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

alot of bother

It seems as if its hard to come up with a name for myself. So on my business cards Im just going to have these minute lil black and white umbrellas floating and my name

Allison Miles


with my phone number on it. Everything I think is clever is GONE. I have sat here googled all I could think of.

Tis the first day of spring. Must say it has not stopped raining either. Good for all the dams, gardens, farmers good for everyone really. I am yet to make jams etc today. Will do that all tomorrow morning. I need to buy some new music. I am soooo out of the loop with it all.

welpers best be off

Monday, August 30, 2010

more cards


Had a great weekend. Went to gordon ramsays maze.. delicious food. The beetroot and goats curd was a fav. I loved the desserts too of course. All seven courses, shared.

So these past few days I have spent making cards, heaps and heaps of them. Bursting with colour. I bought some great ribbons. to match my tags. I came up with what I want on my business cards, lil black and white umbrellas.. cute but time consuming. My hand is sore now.

Am going to make rhubarb jam and more lemon curd in the days ahead.

got a letter from a friend today too. Always good.

take care out there


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

gift cards

As you can see by the change in my header picture I have been making gift cards. I have spent a "little" bit of money and effort. Most of them are from pictures I have`drawn and I have also been using some beautiful ribbon. I am needing some business cards, I am yet to have done, perhaps a photo of my paintings.

Its super cold today, I went out dressed in my jumper shirt and thermal and it was so icy. Im glad the bus stop is right out front. I received a letter from one of my penpals, I shall write back. Speaking of that, I have managed to lose my fav. calligraphy pen,grrrrr so mad with myself.

I went to have soup in a cup... it tasted like eating a bleedin stock cube with peas and a lil carrot. Bleh. Having some veggie burgers with salad for dinner. I am going to make lemon curd tonight most likely.

Well back to the drawing board.


Monday, August 23, 2010


I went to see the movie SALT it was loads of action from the word go. Thought it was quite good. A book came from a friend called Aspirations, I am only three pages into it though. I have been looking for outer guidance though and that might be just the ticket. Maybe its time to have a reading done.

I am sipping my raspberry leaf tea, listening to some music, the suprise i bought for mum has yet to arrive. Should be here in the mail tomorrow, well here is hoping. I am making more lemon curd too.. to give out of course. Currently trying to come up with a name for my business cards... i wanted a lil birdie told me or a bird in the hand bt both those titles are GONNNNNNEEEEEE. So my mission tonight is to peruse the dictionary and find a winning word.

I will be off now..

Thursday, August 19, 2010


in amongst the clutter of my head there is a silence.

I went and voted today. Done my bit. There was a polling booth opened all week here. I promtly handed back the coloured photocopy how to vote papers back to the old guy on the street. I hope the recycle them. A waste of paper. They should not have them glossy, rather on recycled paper. That will never happen!

I went shopping @ etsy. Got a few nice earrings, should be here by monday. I hope. I spent a bit this week already. I gots to save i tells myself. I am here sipping raspberry leaf green tea, thinking bout things.

Im going to try and make some cards today, later. Its cold out and it's the perfect weather for making and baking things. I guess I shall get a move on.

ciao for now

Sunday, August 15, 2010

to the city and back

Arrived in the city at a spritely 10:30am, the train was PACKED, lots of youngens heading to uni open days plus footballer supporters etc. Went to the lidnt cafe had two macaroons and a coffee. Delicious. I had a slated caramel, strawberry one. Then called in at the bookstore. Needless to say I restrained myself to one book.
Moved on to the tea store. didn't open to noon! So we went to meet up with besty.

Had fun waiting for the trams, as usual we missed one and that means a 10-15 minute wait in freezing cold weather and a jacket that is summer weight! brrrr! Thats the only coat I own though..... I vow to get one when sales happen, which it being spring in about two weeks there will be a more than likley bargain to be had.

Went to the woolshed for lunch. Its a beautiufl bar/dining area... super spacious.. and a lovely setting. Think I like the bar area the best with a nice roaring fire. The food was ok. The best was the pork belly in coriander and chilli. Lovely. I ordered the garlic prawns. Pretty poor, no rice, no cream nothing. They were rather bland. Louise barely ate anything, she was quite sad for some reason or another. Besty probably chose the best meal though out of all of us.

So said goodbye to lou and allen went back into the city. Feeling absolutely yuck.. my stomach was churnning and i felt ill. Im not sure what it was. ANyhow, headed for the tea shop. Of course purchased what was on the last. Bar the orange black (it must be that darn popular) and apple berry. They are not going to make any more hurro purro (raspberry green leaf) so i better use it sparingly me thinks. Also called into big w and found another book there at about 8 smackers cheaper than the book store. So i have some reading to do.

Anyhow... after that...went down the road across from the qv center is this very unassuming cafe called INternational cakes.. I had macadamia baklava, so delish
Welpers, after that, the train was packed with some people standing. Th only had 4 carriages on... silly billies. This couple sitting opposite mum and I took up sooo much space... i was gettting a lil annoyed to say the least. Put my eyes on my book and listened to my music and made it home.

Got home, had a headache. Went to bed.

Woke up this morning around 8ish. Not bad. Headache gone thank goodness. I cleaned out the top and bottom of my wardrobe. Found some books that I am going to donate to the library or opshop. Thinking I should start borrowing from the library. Ive cleared out all my archers bar 2. I know he has a newy out but I think I will leave it for now.

So today I have not gone anywhere nor done very much. I shall look for the perfect frame for my jewellery tree tomorrow. I saw myself yesterday and know now that I better take control of a few things in my life. Such as eating healthier perhaps swim again and learn something new. Right now I feel im a little lost and need a mentor of sorts... anyone?

well thats todays rant


Thursday, August 12, 2010

gone again

A whole week has gone by just about. I have not made the lemon curd. I didn't feel like making anything today. I have been drawing owls again. So I can create tags. I bought some stunning ribbons yesterday. I just have to order some bags for them to go into.

I have cooked most nights. Its nice for mum to come home to a cooked meal and not have to worry. I wrote some letters for the first time in ages, put pen to paper.

So what does the weekend bring? Not too much! Eat pray love doesnt come out here til october! GRRRR. I am making lemon curd and then meeting up with besty and another friend for lunch on sunday in the city.

Welpers better go

ciao for now

Monday, August 9, 2010

A baking kind of day

It is absolutely freezing outside. Possibly about 10 maybe 12. My mad man father is out there gardening. I wonder if he will freeze his fingers off! We went out for morning tea at our fav cafe, had the amazing fruit bread again. Its a fav of mine. So is indulging in a latte. We have no instant coffee in the house at the moment, so we have to use the burko thinggy and the ground up stuff we bought at the market a few weeks ago.

On the menu today.. vanilla raspberry cupcakes, with cream cheese icing and a berry coolie. Sounds yum? I am yet to make it all. Im using the recipe that i used a few weeks back where the cupcakes (were so light like a cloud.) and popping berries. Im hoping they wont make the mixture soggy.

I got a letter! YAY! Will reply tomorrow. I have cards to make with the drawings i've done. Im keeping myself a lil busy. Though I admit today ive slacked off a bit and am annoyed that i cant find the masterchef magazine with the lemon tart recipe. I am going to make lemon curd tomorrow too. Maybe a lemon tart.... when given something i try to use that. I am going to make lemon chutney too.. will be nice on fish etc. and the curd along with the rhubarb jam made will go well with some scones.

Welpers. That's about it for the moment. Write more later alligator.


Sunday, August 8, 2010


Its just gone 5:30am and I do not want to go back to sleep. I had a weird ass dream. These men were sewing their beards with sewing machines. I woke up before they cut my hair; All i know is that their beards were right to the ground.

Anyhow. I had a good weekend. Friday I mainly just went out briefly got some card stock.. but when I got home it is very very flimsy and I cant make cards out it, so I have to go to the scrapbooking store today. So what I did do is draw the owls onto the cards. Ive done about 12ish sheets so far. I made risotto for dinner.

Saturday rocks around and went down the road for a coffee but no cafe that we like was open so ended up buying some groceries for cooking with and came home. Had a tea and some cookies here instead. I then got cooking and made rhubarb and vanilla jam.. it is absolutely delish. Made egg and bacon pie for dinner with veg......then I did some drawing read some of my book,played some scrabble and watched some tv.

So sunday... well I basically did little other than house stuff. It was a stunning day so i sat at outside in the sun for about an hour or so. Dog jumped on my lap sitting like princess on a throne. Scootie will be 12 this year. AMAZING. We love her, yes she is a funny one.. she has taken to put her head on the pillow now too. He he. I swear she takes up 3/4 of the bed!

Welpers I guess its time for me to have a cup of tea at least its very very cold. Ive just put the heater on too. So breakfast is calling as my stomach is a rumbling.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

squandering time

I have done little today. Feeling a bit sorry for myself perhaps? Indeed. I guess we all have these days. I find myself reading and playing this highly addictive game on fb. No its not farmville either! Its called fluffy friends its really cute, you can make really great habitats and art with it.

Monday, August 2, 2010


The weekend slid away as fast as it arrived. I seem to have spent it reading, watching dvds and for a change mum did the cooking. I went out to mid valley got a few things. Today it's tuesday, yesterday I cooked this rustic type italian dish with sausages pumpkin and onion. Roasted in the oven for an hour with some thyme and rosemary.. Delicious.

I made honey and banana cupcakes yesterday too. I had two if them, with plain black tea, they were rather on the sweet side of things. I gave the rest of them away. I think i put a lil much honey in them. So today,once again we have to have sausages due to them going off in the next few days. So I found a recipe at , im making a casserole.

Went to warragul, did a lil shopping, found a few items too. I found this stunning red jacket that i really liked. I would love to own but at their prices i cant afford it.I guess I just have to stick with what i have got and add a few black pieces and colourful accessories. Not that I have really been going anywhere. I have kept to myself for far too long. Its about time I broke the silence me thinks.

I have a menu planned for the week. We have all the groceries i need to make each dish. Anyhow... I got's to go write more soonish


Thursday, July 29, 2010

a lil bit

Just a lil bit down again today. Did some house stuff, went out for lunch, im sure the salad mum ordered was tandoori and not maroccan. Still nice though, i could only eat half the portion though and took the rest home with me. Mum shouted, which was nice of her to do so.

I watched burn notice, the latest episode. I got a new pen pal from Italy, so i will write back to her some time this weekend. I got my first response to a mail art call i put out ages ago. So im sending some art in exchange they shall send some back. May or may not work.

Im having the rest of the salad for dinner tonight. Dad is having the rest of the egg and bacon pie I made the other day. Its really a delicious dish. Very simple, i however was in a rush in the supermarket and managed to grab the puff pastry with extra butter.... erm needless to say puff pastry is buttery enough without the added extra but it turned out not so puffy and golden on the top. I was going to make banana and honey cup cakes for mum to take to work, however, woke up too late for morning tea. I will make pumpkin soup tomorrow now.

Im trying to hunt down a perfect gift for someone at the moment. With no luck here. Perhaps I shall try yarragon. Perhaps my fav shop shall be having a sale! It is mid year now! well a lil past it. I got my some ace sheets of paper from srcap booking shop, lovely colours. Im almost out of all the cards I made. I have given them away as gifts mainly. I have nice ribbon now too.

Welpers i better be off now.

take care out there


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

tuesdays blues

Got the blues today..... feel a hell of a lot down. I am listening to the cure of course.... im tired write more tomorrow.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

city and back

Mum and I went to the city to catch up with lou. went to catch the train, only to find out it was train and bus. Which cause it was early didn' take longer than it generally does. Was impressed by the way the woman coach driver caned along the road. Got to the city and waited for a while for a tram to docklands, grrrr none. So we caught a taxi there... this taxi driver must of thought we were country bumpkins that didnt know our way round the city, instead of taking us about a k down the road he went right around down spencer st grrr. So mum stood her ground and the taxi driver said pay what you want to pay. We gave him $7 instead of the $11 that was racked up.

Got out of the cab met up with louise... was texting her in the taxi wasnt i? YEP so you can take a guess as to where phone is still! Yeppers yep yep.. back of the bloody taxi! Made my day. I panicked when i couldn't find it. It wasn't anywhere. I had just put credit on it the day before too.. so i was pissed with myself. After breakfast we went to the phone store and I got a new phone... i was able to keep the same number and amazingly all the credits too seems like it hadn't been used. The girl in the shop was very helpful. Its a good phone... not an i phone though!

So its my new toy really, I have been wondering why the bloody internet doesn't work as I haven't bought the right amount of credit. So I shall have to get some more credit! The girl at the store asked me what i was doing for the rest of the day. I said a limited amount of shopping after this! All i bought was some cards from a excellent cheap stationary store called Typo. We went into cosco i do not like the feel of the warehouse type thing. Its run very well though.

On the way home we had to sit on the train for about 20 minutes waiting for the other buses to arrive... *grumble* I read my book the whole way home, mum slept. Got home and of course watched the final of masterchef YAY! adam won.. so happy. Which is great. I thought Marion was gonna win the title until she was knocked out a few weeks back over a satay sauce.

Today howver is a different story it has gone so super slow. I guess i better get going now.. gonna have a cup of tea and write a lil more.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

here and there

Lately i have not done so much. Been feeling a lil down. Though I have a few fab books to read. One is by a food writer john newton/ called grazing (the ramblings and recipes of a man who gets paid to eat) seems good so far. Plus almost finished another fluffy novel too. At least its something. I have not picked nu my drawing stuff in a few weeks but shall remedy that this weekend.

I have not written today either. I have however cooked a bit. I cant cook when im not well. I made some beautiful vanilla cupcakes, with a chocolate/cream/vanilla icing. They were so light and fluffy even the icing was beautiful. I think next time i will add raspberries to them. I only made dozen and restricted myself to just one. I gave all the rest away. Ive made pea soup and bake beans this week as well. Am going to make a one pot wonder on saturday perhaps try to cook with chicken.

On sunday I am heading to the city for the day, meeting up with a few friends perhaps. Buying some more tea, i need more my stock is depleted dangerously low on my favorites. I have saved for that! Mayb i'll head to the market or something as well.

take care out there!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

a week

I went on the hunt for boots, I found some that i liked, tried on a handful of them.. the ones i liked had no grip at all, and its just like me to fall over. Literally head over heels. As or in the past week i have binned two lots of shoes... so granted I give myself permission to purchase them. I ended up buying a book. called grazing... i know.. i know i should borrow them from the library. I should indeed. Why, when you can own them?

So this week has slipped away effortlessly, so quick. Dad went to ballarat with his record group. So its good that i haven't had to make two meals, just the one. I have been told to lose weight and cut down on this and that. I know but i love to bake. Now i have to cook healthy things and not ones with a lot nof fat and carbs.

Mum and I went to a new cafe yesterday, in taralgon, mum loved her food... did not complain which is a miracle in itself, i had pasta with a tomato based sauce. Ive been a bit out of it lately. Sleeping in til 9amish. Which is unusual as im generally up at 6am.

Welpers.. its lunch time now..

later alligator.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Thought id better write something before i let the blog slip away so fast. At the moment well today I am struggling a bit to do things. Ive gone outside, been down the road and had a coffee this morning , got groceries and came home.

This past week has been a total write off. i have not achieved very much. Just been reading a lot. Got this great book that I am reading its a light hearted read with a bit of dark. I have been cooking a bit too. I made a raspberry and qhite chocolate cheesecake to take with mum and dad to aunty lyn s house this weekend just gone.

I did get some drawing done not enough to put onto the puter just yet. I want to create a beautiful jewelery tree again. I made one several years ago which sold. I have a feeling i sell my work a bit to cheaply. Ooops. Oh well. Im not making a living out of it.

I have an email pen pal now and another one from italy and another one which i have not written too in tawoomba. So i know im behind in my letter writing at the moment.. i stopped for a while. I go through stamps once a fortnight instead of every week. It was costing a lot.

Though I must say i was in warragul yesterday and went to their sewing store... they had sooooooo many lovely ribbons so allowed myself $20 and got some in various colours mainly cause my stock is a lil low as i've had so many birthdays in the past month... june/july/ august is crazy birthday season. I like to wrap things beautifully and make them be pretty.

Its funny not having dad round for the next 5 days. He has gone to a record group that meet every yearish and go away. I am able to put some more plants in whilst he is no about.

Well i shall be off now...

Saturday, July 3, 2010

lazy sunday

Im wearing four shades of blue today. Got a new jumper, a new shirt and thats it. I made a banana cake which isnt quite cakey... well its delicously wrong i it didn't rise. *sighs* its very bananaish though. I baked it for 50 minutes and took it out. Won't be using that recipe again!

I have been quite tired today. Ive had two coffees that should give me the jolt i need. However both heaters are going and its lovely and warm in the house. I feel like going for a nap and its only noon. Time ticks on sooooo slow on days like these.

Its louises birthday today she is 29 now. he he. Next year is the big one. Well i better be off now... lunch to make.. (vegemite sandwhich) YAY!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

a team

I went and yes saw the movie a-team (voluntarily) it was just a lot of action/fun mindless film. So unrealistic that is was a little bit silly beyond belief pure ridiculous escapism really. There was no great speeches, some subtle funny things, a bang bang shootem film. Well its a few hours i'll never get back!

So i'm waiting for eat pray love to come out in august. I have read the book, its good, i enjoyed it.. now have to see how they have adapted it to film. Julia Roberts is the main star. That comes out mid august.

I enjoyed boiled potatoes with a lil butter.. instead of roasted ones. Its bloody cold here now... only a top of about 13 for the rest of the week. I have a lot of iris bulbs to put in, plus tulips too. I am wearing my hoodie slippers and still my feet are frozen through. Brrrr. I guess it is winter.

Anyhow it was good to catch up with besty at the weekend, went to warragul had something that was supposed to be a banana caramel cake... bleah more like dried banana, with a gelatine cheese cake bit and chocolate stuff on top... to put it politely it was crap. I only had a bit and left the rest. Dad had some and thought the same. I wish i had what besty had... which was a caramel slice... hers was home made like mums.

Speaking of home made.. i am making cookies for a few people on wednesday.. i have a cointreau/almond meal recipe i want to try and see if will work. I am also making a chocolate mint cheesecake for louises birthday this coming weekend. Im cooking dinner for the next few nights. Got tofu, beans and a few other things in mind. Mainly using what we have in the pantry.

I best be off now... ciao

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

down and out

So ive been a bit down for the past few days. I think its the weather. So i have been watching a few things. It was dads birthday on saturday, mum and i got him a top along with some chocolate. I made a choc mint cheesecake adapting it from another recipe. So that went down a treat.

I have not done so much drawing nor painting, aside from some artist trading cards 20 in total which took the weekend. Crash, bang. Reality. Think I should go read now.

night night

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Today is going painfully slow. Its cold and Im feeling a lil blue. Im not sure what i should do. I bought a magazine though i cannot be bothered reading that. Nor my books... perhaps I should return to novels. Anyhow... i feel like Im a lil trapped here.. oh well. Such is life.

Anyhow... mum is cooking dinner. Im making some artist trading cards, you send 20 in and you get 20 different ones back. I have started measuring them out and cutting them up. All colours this time.

will get going.. need another coffee... get me though this cold winters day...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

winters sun

It is such a beautiful day, a lil cold but the sun is out. It is lovely. Went and did a lil weeding of my herb garden, cleared some space for some more herbs. I planted some iris bulbs.

I guess I keep mulling things over in my head, that reel of movie playing inside my head. I can see everything clearly.

So will go now.. need to just be.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

the magic of a blender

Generally I only use the blender to crush cookies for the base of thecheese cake.. slicing and dicing food and lil more than that. So today i looked in the cookbook.. and discovered that I could put the cream cheese in there and eggs lime etc. So instead of slaving over with beaters I used the blender... the magic of a blender. I am thankful...usually I try not to cheat. It felt like cheating or cutting a corner.. insted of 3 hours it only took 2.. though the only thing is the amount of dishes at the end...! Besty helped too... ! I turned the page in the cookbook to see the next recipe and BANG and BINGO i found a recipe for red velvet cake ... YAY! Perfect... all the ones I have found so far have not worked.Or misreading of the four cups of cocoa.. lol I am making it for my aunties birthday on tuesday.

So i had a cointreau lime soda this afternoon, a nice relaxing drink. Its made me a lil sleepy.. and ready for a nap. Well Im waiting for the cheesecake to be cold... and im not sure what is for dinner. Might go fix myself something maybe last nights risotto.

Friday, June 11, 2010

suede shoes and rain

So this lil birdy decided to pop on suede shoes..winter, figuring that yes they keep the feet warm. Not thinking that it would pour down with rain, I had a small umbrella and my groceries and handbag was getting soaked so there I was clutching them all in my hands... walking pretty quickly to get to the shops for shelter.

I went to a store that i like here, they are having a sale and being a month where there are loads of birthdays (its insane)I just browsed only coming away with a card. The other store I went to i bought a few things. I know what I am after I didnt find what that though...

It was uncanny today, I texted besty and then a few minutes later she was hopping off the bus and was going on the same bus as me. Sometimes these things happen, it's good that they do. I managed to make a baked risotto for dinner... without messing it up.

Louise and Allen are on their way here now. I haven't seen her since late April. Which is a while. I've been watching master chef almost religiously, I love it. Its a great show. Its so positive and leaves you wanting to cook more and learn more about food and its origins etc.well it makes me want to learn. I would love to be a pastry chef.

Well I guess i'll keep reading for now..


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On the cold side...

Its absolutely freezing in this house. I have one heater going the other small one has kind of broken down. Makes too much noise.. and doesn't sound healthy. Aftera few hot teas, and thawing out from being outside painting, (i started the owls on one good canvas and the other a mock up) there is soup bubbling away on the stove.. potato and leek. So now I am here. I have a few house things to do tomorrow.

The soup i've bungled. When I have mine i'm going to add some curry powder or something. Tis a lil n the bland side. In my gem of a cookbook found a proper recipe for red velvet cake... so I am going to try again for my aunties birthday next week. I discovered thats its 4 tablespoons of red food colouring not 4 teaspoons... and certainly not 4 CUPS of bloody cocoa either! Although is it wise to give kids red food dye at night?

I think the pinky red owl painting is coming along nicely.. have to wait for it to dry, plus pick up a few nice new small incy bitty brushes for the finer bits. I will work for about half an hour at a time. Its all my frozen toesies and fingies can take. I so wish for even a tiny studio of my own. I loved painting when I was living in richmond.. had a studio to work in. Although looking at renting in the city now would be a nightmare, too expensive and could probably just get by on lentils and rice... not such a bad plan if i wanted to be slimmer. Id probably be going out alot more too. However, running to the city is not going to solve all my problems.

I have to work on myself. I know that. All the lectures from mum, perhaps there is a glimmer there somewhere in my life. Im not old but im not young anymore... not far off being middle aged...."Stuck in a moment and you can't get out of it" (u2 song) Oh im taking up a pro account on flickr... means I'll be able to post more photos up, and besides its only $25 a year which is nearly next to nothing.

I gots to go now...

scatty like a catty

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


It's very cold today. The heater has revived itself thank goodnesS. Im certain it is snowing. I have been using hot water bottles nearly all day to keep myself warm. Mind you I went to bed at 9pm and I woke up at 11am... bloody long sleep. So we now have a fridge that works.

I have been drawing heaps again. Just got the bug. Will write more later.

Friday, June 4, 2010

out of the 50s and into a fridge!

Our fridge has gone completely.... so we have been living out of an esky for a whole week... ice chest..just buying a bag of ice every second day.. anyhow..they gave mum a $45 discount off. Not bad. Not bad at all. Though i texted lou and she laughed and said we could have gotten heaps more off. Anyhow. Score of the day. As of monday no more esky til some sunny picnic day...So we are moving out of the 50s and now were back into a fridge!

Instead of going out... i made sweet potato gnocchi with a herb cream cheese, rocket and spinach and ricotta for besty, mum dad and I. I tell yer it was delicious. All eaten, none left

I drew this beautiful picture today.. only to stuff up the picture next to it... so i wrote a letter to my new pen pal on the back of it. I have about 7 around the world. Its really great, as i love snail mail. Im going to enter a few mail art calls too. I found this great t-shirt place today it has some wicked designs:

Im going to sign myself up to the community. Submit and see what happens.

Oh it was so funny to see mum in action telling off the manager at mcdonalds here.. for not stocking the coke glasses they advertised to come free... they had no more in stock.. so i said we have to get them mid week and not saturday. Gosh I had a good ol cackle.. mum was far from impressed and is going to write a an email to maccas later on.

Sheeshies. So many alphabet books out there.. for lil kids.. im thinking of illustrating one myself. I have all these ideas buzzing around my head at the moment.

so back to the drawing board..


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

short note

slowly slowly it only the first few days of winter and its making want to not paint and stay in doors and bake and bake and bake. So instead I made dhal.. yum yum. Ive been listening to moby and poawderfingers golden rule album on high rotation..

Im tred. Very tired. My hand is sore and I am quite tired. So on that note ill go listen to some other album and look through a few other things..


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

busy bee!

Ive been quite busy drawing.. its like a bug... so these are a few of the ones over the past two days. Mum had a great birthday, it extended to today where we went out with a few of mums friends for lunch. I had a not so great risotto. Oh well I chose wrong yet again. We then went to bridgettes and uncle henrys house for afternoon tea.. which was lovely. I like the pecan pie the best. So for dinner it was quite a healthy serving of um cheese on toast. Cant beat it.

I'll sign off here for the evening...

take care out there