Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So i slept last night... i woke up just past midnight. Went back to sleep I had this dream, i was walking through a park with a friend, allt hese beautiful coloured birds were chirping around us, losing their feathers and we were catching them in our hands all I can remember is that she said "ur art is mundane" and i said " I lost my beauty about 7 years ago now" birds chirped all around us some more and I woke up. It was a message from afar. So i woke up at 7amish to a flooded kitchen floor, the taps leek had intensified over night from a drip to streaming puddle.The plumber came, fixed it all.. im sure a relatively large bill will be mailed to us soonish.

I have been a lil down today.. though I have many things I should be doing. Upon reading this book where there are a few passages about love that remind me of my own brief brushes with it, yes i'll admit I did know love but now it is a stranger to me. I know it not. I know not a lot perhaps it's time to learn and challenge myself.

Well I will write more later mush dash alligator
"nobody sees how our hearts break"

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