Friday, September 24, 2010

feast fit for a king

It's the football grand final here, that means plenty of get togethers, catch up loads of drinking all gathered around the tv to watch the game... we are heading to my cousins house. On the menu so far.. sausage rolls, jelly lollies, chips, drinks,twiggy sticks, cheese. My cousin has some doughnuts and is making a butter cake.. a feast fit for a king not just the four of us! I don't watch footy that much but I am going for stkilda today. I do so hope they win as they haven't won a grand final since 1966.

We are just about to leave now... so I best be off...


Welpers the game was a nail biter and in the end, a draw. So they have to come back and play it next week. I was miffed, like most people, can't believe it.

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