Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I know its wednesday now, four or so days have passed since I last blogged here. So sunday, mum cooked a roast as it was fathers day. I got dad a mini greenhouse seedling raising tray. So cute. Louise also got him something practical.. a self heating heat pack, great for him as he tends to lie on the bleeding paths all over the garden and then says his back is playing up too. I wonder why?!!

Monday seemingly slipped past un eventful, bar washing and having a coffee out.Yesterday I challenged myself, I went to a painting class at yarragon town hall. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. There were about 20 of us there. At the moment she is teaching watercolours. To which I no nothing at all about. It was of another persons painting that we copied off. Mine isn't too bad.

So I managed that. I woke up today and Id like to go to spotlight. I waited and waited for the train... never came so I started to walk to the scrap booking shop... and heard the toot toot just after i got over the tracks. GRRRR oh well. I spent enough anyway. I used my loyalty card.... and only had to pay 80cents!

I bought more rhubarb , vanilla and am ready to make lemon curd again. I bought some small jars and i just got put them in the oven for a bit. My mood is lifted and I am a little sad still. A little frightened. I hope it will pass soon..

on that note'


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