Saturday, September 18, 2010

moulin rouge

Was watching the abc and the titles came at me.. the original moulin rouge. I had only ever seen baz lurmans version......but with this one , I started I was swept away with the script, words, music and its beauty. A really well scripted film an absolute classic. The film was heart breaking and I felt some of the quotes are relevant to me. Especially the heart breaking loneliness that was brilliantly displayed. The beautiful subject of love and dark days finding beauty.

So it took up the afternoon. This morning I wrote a few letters, had some toast and went and bought 3 tops one is for home and painting in the other is white and the other is a throwover. So I guess the day went fairly fast. Im going to make some curd later too.

So i have the choice of 3 varying meals for dinner risotto, goulash or bake beans. Think im leaning towards risotto somehow. Welpers, write more later alligator

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