Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have been absolutely super tired these past few days, I gave no clue as to why. It was bed at 9 then woke up at 9ish... went back to bed with massive headache at 6pm woke up at 8pmish.... then last night bed at about 10.. slept in til about 8ish. I don't know why im so super tired. I have been drawing, I went shopping for groceries... i baked some melting moments for dad to take to his appointment. I got a cup cake carried.. im going to make chocolate mint cupcakes later today. I found a great recipe for them.

I sat with my calligraphy pen today and wrote a few letters. Sometimes I fancy using it... its a dip pen and i have found that the cheaper ones work the best. Though there is a great pen shop in elizabeth st that louise showed me... they sell some stunning pens and great notepaper... I think I shall call in there next week.

I bagged up my cards the other day... it works out that I have made around 200 gift tags... shhhheeeesshiiieess... i really have been as mum would say (going like the clappers)...its lunch time now ..

best be off then


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