Thursday, September 23, 2010

falling down

Im in a very emotional state this morning, my heart feels heavy, my tears are streaming down my cheek, i just put one of the most beautiful songs on and cant help but be sad. I was once told by a friend that I am the queen of hearts...I was once told that this guy would grow a blue rose for me, I was once told that I was beautiful.

I don't see any of that anymore. I changed into a selfish cold hearted woman. Who always wanted to be alone, no I am, I'm not so sure loneliness is a friend, for a time being it about 8 years going on now.. I have not made any new friends, Im socially awkward, i stutter a lot... so I got my wish then didn't I? (so now i am mantled to the cold of life)

I have no inner compass, i feel like i'm down a well... so that is what i am beating myself up over this morning. I have to go grocery shopping, Im going to fill my day. Ive got to stop.

fare thee well for now

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