Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Monday rocked around and I headed to the city to meet up with a few friends that I have not seen well one in over a year and now they have a lil tacker... the other in over two years. The train was packed on the way there it being school holidays and the melbourne show and all that jazz.

Sat at Max Brennas qv centre, having morning coffee, i made lil goody bags for them both. The cupcakes I made are a tad dry nothing I could do.. at least the icing was delicious. It was a lovely day the sun came out... made walking around in suede shoes a lil warm for me. Ergh oh well.

Then went to go for lunch, ended up having the lunch place closed on mondays... grrrrr... oh well... next time I guess. So ended up at the shaghai noodle and dumpling house.. unfort. the food was not that great there this time round. *sighs* After that walked around looking at stores and slowly walking up to southern cross, chatting as we went.

Came home on the 3:20pm train... teenagers across from me have so many piercings, i don't know how they can have that many. It's insane. I just read my book and listened to my music, whilst mum slept.

I have stated painting again over the past few days, its great. Ive been painting the owls, trees and some abstract pieces, in well I have this beautiful magenta colour so i've used shades of that. I have not really cooked this week been a bit lazy, meat and three veg. Might make a quiche tomorrow though.. have all the ingredients.

Well mum is cooking dinner tonight.. im a lucky ducky..



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