Thursday, September 23, 2010

pear shaped

So the fog has lifted from over me, i'm still a little down. I should be happy.. swimming along..... I have downed my paint brushes for the day and donned my cooks hat. I have a distinct feeling that the lot beautiful ingredients I have on the stove is going literally pear shaped. Its a chutney, pear chutney at that. I used the right amount and its been on the stove for just over an hour, I have this irksome feeling that it needs two hours, as I checked some other recipes that have that amount needs not 1 but yes 2. So ive got the timer on for every 15 minutes so I can check and taste it. So far.. it needs some more lemon zest perhaps. I cannot be bothered making the quiche for dinner so think it will be blt's.

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