Monday, January 31, 2011


Since my last blurb I am now a proud auntie again, to little Noah.. He is a tiny tiny baby. Cute too.

It is very very hot well these past 3 ish days have been, i look forward to the change that is onit way. As for the past few days it has been scorching hot. We havent had much of a hot summer but right now with one month to go its started heating up. Even at 8 this morning it was already stinking.

I woke up an about an hour later the water works people are out side they are doing work for the next few days so no water from 9-1pm. Ive only just popped the wash on. Filled the kettle, filled a bucket, filled the water jug. drank most of the water from there. Played a few games of scrabble, have my drawing paper out with my markers, just have to put pen to they say quicks the word, sharp's the action.

I bought more goodies off the net, they will probably arrive tomorrow. (I hope) if it cools down I will do the ironing and then go for a walk. Perhaps see if scooter may like a walk... I will put the harness on her and just see her reaction. The last time i tried that she go a lil way stopped and I had to carry her home. Silly billy.

So Im sitting with the air con on and dad eating his lunch. I just played a few games of scrabble. '

Thursday, January 27, 2011

mid week

Celebrated australia day by heading to the local old gippstown park for a free bbq. I was amazed at the turn out a fair whack of people turned out. I was suprised. It felt like a sunday all day though, even though it was only wednesday.

Lazed about, did a few things. So I was feeling a lil depressed I went opted for a lil retail therapy online. I turned to etsy and madeit (Aussie version of etsy) I bought a few things for a few people plus a bracelet, a few blank tags, some punchies. I just might order the silk ribbon i have had my eye on for sometime.

Right now I am just relaxing. About to watch grand designs on abc

nighty night

Sunday, January 23, 2011


This weekend wooshed past like that *Snaps fingers* so saturday rocked around and I went to my uncles 70th for a while as they only live up the road I was glad that I could come home.

So I said farewell to a shawl that has comforted me for years, it went. Sad to let it go but it had a burn mark through it, stains candle wax etc. I will never find another one like it I dont think. So sad to let it go, it got me through the good times and i wore it in the blue days too. A lot. I thought well I got about 13 years from it so it doesnt owe me anything... it was sitting in one of the closets here at home.

So now lets see, I need new sneakers now too.. sheesh, all my shoes have packed up, got holes in them. So I guess now its time to replace them.

Well I have to wait a another month for a bumper crop of tomatoes to ripen. Welpers. I made falafel again so I now must go heat up the oil for them..

ciao for now

Monday, January 17, 2011

the week that was

So in the week that was I had an ok time. Just painting and drawing, cleaning, gardening. Had an ace weekend last weekend, overbooked myself with friends in the city, i only spent a about an hour with each of them. Phew! Won't be doing that again.

Anyhow the city was super super busy, a lot on, tennis, cricket seemed like every man and his dog were there. I didn't even make it to see bourke st! Unusual. I only bought a pair of shoes. Went to a lego expo briefly, met up with evonne then lucy paul and evan.

Today, well its a friday, im home as per usual. I had the opportunity to go out but declined as the place isn't my style. I have been buying mum coffee all week, going for a walk most days . Yesterday I bought two pairs of shoes for $7, they are only out to dinner type ones so now i have some nice ones. I couldn't knock them back.. bargain just like my $2 grey cords.

Well I need a cup of tea.

nighty night.'


Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I am quite down and have still managed to make falafel, loaded with herbs and spices, im going to let mum cook them though. I feel i'll stuff them up otherwise.

I feel like making brownies or baking or something. I have been having bad nights and bad days. I wrote a few letters and have read a little bit.

Well I guess I will write more later.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Some photos of the garden! with a proud father beaming as he stands next to them. All his hard work has paid off this summer. Rewarded with beautiful flowers.

Well today I am not a happy camper about a few things that have happened but none the less its out of my hands and cannot change the situation.
I stayed at home again today. Have to take the christmas tree down too. Sad cause its so pretty! Oh well anyhow...

must be off.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


went down the road and checked the mail, got a letter from my italian pen pal, she made me a beautiful necklace, its quite pretty and I really like it. Also one from a new pen pal who lives in germany her first letter to me.. i so love correspondence. I have my markers here in the lounge room and have not used them in some time. I spent a fair chunk of time on fb today playing fluffy friends... I like making art from the objects they provide.

So with some fruity groceries in hand I headed for my walk home, bought two passionfruits, two punnets of strawberries and some sport socks, due to getting a blister from wearing thin socks with my sneakers,. ergh, not a good idea. I need some new summer shoes, I have a pair of flip flops from the states they are quite comfortable but hurt , i guess I just got to get my footsies used to them again.

It took me about half an hour to walk home, not so bad I guess. I would like to see the pool hours and actually go there to do laps. I miss swimming once I go I will probably stick to it. Well I am going to try and make dhal from green lentils today, I dont have any red ones but its what i fancy and we have the ingredients in the pantry, i love it, so I have prepared everything just a matter of cooking it up in about half an hour so then it's hot when mum gets home from work.

Half the borrage plants i put in half perished in the hot weather, so I will move more from the herb patch to along the fence line next week when the weather is a bit cooler. As tomorrow is going to be a scorcher, 35 and they will wilt and die even with sugarcane mulch around the base.

So I best be off now. Going to look up some lemon verbena recipes.



Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Its a stunning day outside, i just feel like staying in and not doing very much. Feeling sorry for myself again, I managed to move a few plants around last week some have survived others have not. I cleared some space in my herb garden, the lemon verbena is beautiful, I have out of control thyme and mint which i will fix in the coming days.

Ive been walking a lil bit, ive got to pot up a few succulents, as I have soooo many. I have a pile of ironing sky high that I am yet to tackle just the thought makes me ergh. I have been having lengthy dreams but cant remember most of them.

So now I guess I better get going and make some lunch.


Sunday, January 2, 2011


I have been running a temp. all day, slept in for half of it and am finally up and about though it is 11pm now.. grrr means i probably won't be sleeping til about 1am i think.

Christmas and new years were both quite quiet. Write more later alligator.