Monday, January 17, 2011

the week that was

So in the week that was I had an ok time. Just painting and drawing, cleaning, gardening. Had an ace weekend last weekend, overbooked myself with friends in the city, i only spent a about an hour with each of them. Phew! Won't be doing that again.

Anyhow the city was super super busy, a lot on, tennis, cricket seemed like every man and his dog were there. I didn't even make it to see bourke st! Unusual. I only bought a pair of shoes. Went to a lego expo briefly, met up with evonne then lucy paul and evan.

Today, well its a friday, im home as per usual. I had the opportunity to go out but declined as the place isn't my style. I have been buying mum coffee all week, going for a walk most days . Yesterday I bought two pairs of shoes for $7, they are only out to dinner type ones so now i have some nice ones. I couldn't knock them back.. bargain just like my $2 grey cords.

Well I need a cup of tea.

nighty night.'


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