Sunday, January 23, 2011


This weekend wooshed past like that *Snaps fingers* so saturday rocked around and I went to my uncles 70th for a while as they only live up the road I was glad that I could come home.

So I said farewell to a shawl that has comforted me for years, it went. Sad to let it go but it had a burn mark through it, stains candle wax etc. I will never find another one like it I dont think. So sad to let it go, it got me through the good times and i wore it in the blue days too. A lot. I thought well I got about 13 years from it so it doesnt owe me anything... it was sitting in one of the closets here at home.

So now lets see, I need new sneakers now too.. sheesh, all my shoes have packed up, got holes in them. So I guess now its time to replace them.

Well I have to wait a another month for a bumper crop of tomatoes to ripen. Welpers. I made falafel again so I now must go heat up the oil for them..

ciao for now

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