Wednesday, January 5, 2011


went down the road and checked the mail, got a letter from my italian pen pal, she made me a beautiful necklace, its quite pretty and I really like it. Also one from a new pen pal who lives in germany her first letter to me.. i so love correspondence. I have my markers here in the lounge room and have not used them in some time. I spent a fair chunk of time on fb today playing fluffy friends... I like making art from the objects they provide.

So with some fruity groceries in hand I headed for my walk home, bought two passionfruits, two punnets of strawberries and some sport socks, due to getting a blister from wearing thin socks with my sneakers,. ergh, not a good idea. I need some new summer shoes, I have a pair of flip flops from the states they are quite comfortable but hurt , i guess I just got to get my footsies used to them again.

It took me about half an hour to walk home, not so bad I guess. I would like to see the pool hours and actually go there to do laps. I miss swimming once I go I will probably stick to it. Well I am going to try and make dhal from green lentils today, I dont have any red ones but its what i fancy and we have the ingredients in the pantry, i love it, so I have prepared everything just a matter of cooking it up in about half an hour so then it's hot when mum gets home from work.

Half the borrage plants i put in half perished in the hot weather, so I will move more from the herb patch to along the fence line next week when the weather is a bit cooler. As tomorrow is going to be a scorcher, 35 and they will wilt and die even with sugarcane mulch around the base.

So I best be off now. Going to look up some lemon verbena recipes.



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