Friday, May 27, 2011

time ago

many moons ago. I dont know. Anyhow i went out for breakfast today.. got a great dvd to watch called spirited. cant wait to start watching that.Well i guess im gonna head to bed now its quite late

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

warragul and home

Went to warragul today feelin ok. Went to my appointment.. a little early had a look in my fav shoestore... dreming of what I would like to buy of course. I got mums coffee ground up.. wanted one from their but the cue was huge and i thought oh well.. went and looked in the dvd/music store there walked away with 3 interesting movies.. i am yet to watch. 2 are chic flicks, one is where the wild things are.. ive not heard much about it but ill be able to judge it tomorrow. I ended up at the cafe called mango wood.. they do great fresh food there... beautifully baked goods and delicious salads mostly gluten free.

Anyhow I got home and Ive been reading a great novel... i watched magnum the dodgy helicopter one and then magyver. Then i moved about surfed the net and have just decided to re read some chirldrens books. Today I got home had a nice suprise in the mail box.,.. the edible butterflies... for a special 30th im going to do some test running with vanilla cupcakes this weekend with the sugar sprinkles and mini dragonflies. with perhaps some butter cream icing.

We shall see. Mum had a tooth ache and has gone to bed.. im too wired for sound... all i remember from last nights dream is that there wasa marriage on the cards for someone.. agh sighs... oh welpers. So Im going to start walking again after such a long patch of just taking the bus... gonna check out the opshops too. Anyhow..

I think I shall finish off a few letters to friends. I listened to nick cave music today... bopping away... i live in a bubble... and perhaps the wind of change wil waft through the doors and turn my world around.. perhaps its just the silence in me that i crave to be one with that silence. I have nothing left to ramble on about just the usual cirle and breaking the cycle type thing.. and how to burn those words could have shoulda woulda and turn them into possibilities, not maybes but definite yeses... sweeping away cobwebs and letting them out the door of memory.

ciao for now

Sunday, May 22, 2011


The days have slipped passed even the beautiful saturday we had the weekend.. twent for a drive with mum to warragul to a cafe that I quite like only to discover its not open saturdays. Argh alas we walked into about 4 cafes not happy with the menu so we walked back out again. This one place that i do beautiful bread must of changed hands looking at the food we ended up at yarragon bakery. Sat outside eating.. we bought a passionfruit slice for afternoon tea too..where the hell was the passion fruit thats what i would like to know. Oh well.

Going back to friday... my books arrived.. childrens books but i wanted them cause of the illustrations that are in them i bought a klimt colouring book too that I can photo copy and draw on. Also some of the edible butterflies, icing tube and edible pink sugar also arrived on the same day. So now im waiting for mums present earrings and a few other bits andpieces ive bought off etsy to arrive though i bought them on thursday so maybe (fingers crossed ) they get here at the end of the week.

I heard from scott and jess they are painting Noahs little nursery... not sure what colour.. him being a boy i dont imagine it being pink! You never know I though! Ive been feeling rather low lately and have been inside more so than out i was going to walk down the street today it was raining so i took the bus.

I went shopping.. bought myself a few things, gonna make rhubarb crumble tomorrow maybe not sure.. otherwise ill have to throw it out and I don't want to waste. I got this movie its called 500 Days of Summer. It was really really good, bought me to tears here and there but I enjoyed it a lot. Im glad i picked that up in a hurry and not the other ones i was looking at. I won't mind watching it again. Id love to write like the person who wrote that just a beautifully pieced script. Seamlessly takes you through the days.

I always thought I could be a writer or something along those lines but I look back over some of my bits and pieces and I can't string sentences together properly either.. Ive got to get my blue suitcase out again and have a look through it. I have been dreaming dreams but I canst remember half of them in the morning though. Possibly not a bad thing at times.

Ive got some things on my mind that keep replaying over and over. Some moments I cherish other moments I wish i guess I coulda shoulda woulda didnt do. Man. I hold so much regret and it's getting me no where just around in circles. Those cirles have become like he figure 8 eternal.

Well I best be off now got vegetables to put on.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

wonder wonder

I wonder wonder wonder where on earth my books are? I guess 10 working days so I give them til thursday to arrive... knowing my luck the things i ordered off amazon will turn up before my books.. or mayb the items off etsy will hmm. I wonder wonder.

Anyhow I have been feelin a bit blue today.. reflecting once again..back..once again. Things I cannot change its all out of my hands and left to the gods I guess. I used to dream big and now Im haunted in my dreams by a lot of past things.. and some new scary things.. i dreamt i was on master chef.. and then the judges judged my dish they all started to sing accunamattata from the lion king.. then one of my other dreams I saw these cards on the mantle piece of a burning buddah .. I cant remember anything else as I woke up. When i was a teen I had this incred. dream about me standing on the roof top of a buliding and all these people were jumping off the roof plunging to their death. I remember it well for some odd reason.

Its uncanny i was talking to a evonne about an old friend at uni of ours.. he lived across the hall from us and a few days ago I got an email from him. Agh well his ears must of been burning or something. I used to have those moments and dreams more frequent now they are all in the past and less and less of them. When i was connected in about 3 degrees of seperation.

Welpers I best be off

Saturday, May 14, 2011

dark day

Its quite a dark day and its 9:30am... its almost like its turning to night time.. with these cold temperatures the cold sinks into bones no matter how many layers i'm wearing. I think the heater is best bet to stay warm with. It is supposed to be 17.. umm me no sthink so.

Im inside doing a few drawings and being on here.. its early and the day has started so I best make the most of it. write more later

Friday, May 13, 2011

waiting waiting

Its been over 10 days now and my books are on the shipped status.. but still have not arrived. I'm leaving it til monday now and if they are not here by then I am going to call them up and ask where the hell they are... after all it is a melbourne based online books store.. alas Im a little peeved about it. Ive got a book to finish i suppose or else i may have re-read perhaps water for elephants (or id like to see the movie and just need my memory refreshed with the plot and premise) or the epic novel Musashi that I so love.

I have been drawing and drawing yesterday I put some colours together that dont really go somehow they work. Im shocked. like peach purple brown green and yellow in shapes.
Ive used fluid lines etc. Its bloody cold again.. s ive got a hot water bottle. Just waiting til mum gets up so we can all go out for well brunch it will be now.

I went on a jacket spree i walked away empty handed from the shopping centre.. i guess im going to wait for a few weeks til i head to the city again as they had a lot of them in myers i had no time to try one on though. I did not meet up with Andrea to nut out exhibition ideas.. I will do that soon.. she's hard lady to get hold of busy busy busy.

Welpers.. isa best be off gonna potter about


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


It is absolutely freezing here. So cold. This cold snap is going to last til sunday or so i heard. Must be snowing somewhere. Im like a granny here with my hotwater bottle and blanket... tryin not to turn the heater on. Ive got my drawing stuff out...ive done a few colourful pictures so far. Easy patterns really nothing too out there.

I went out mainly to check the post box.. books.. so i wonder where on earth they are atm. If they are not here by monday I think I will be phoning them up. Last night I odered some things off amazon looks like that will be a few weeks too.. so ill have to get mum a token present for her birthday. Something smallish. I also ordered a few other things aswell off etsy though.

write more after lunch

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I made red velvet cup cakes again, they are as light as a cloud and lovely in flavour though i think they need a bit more vanilla..mum took them to work for her work mate that is leaving.. I slept very well last night rugged up in my doona, jacket and thermals..had solid sleep from midnight through til eight.

I have ordered a fair few items off etsy now!Yay.. i am waiting patiently for them to arrive. Especially some cake toppers. My books should arrive today.. i want to go out but it rainy and bloody cold. eeep.. i am sitting here with a hot water bottle blanket and lap top.. my feet are freezing and I dont want to put the heater on as i don't want to run up the electricity bill.. so ill wait til its around 4pm ish and pop it on then. I feel like an old granny.

My books should have arrived today! YAY! Cant wait. Im going to experiment with the fondant i bought a bit later. If im going into the city I will get better fondant and more cake glitter in reds pinks and some pearl edible paints too. Good thing too. I must re-pot some of my plants.

By golly I think some things are best left unsaid in this house. I cant say much here though. Oh well *SIghs* I wonder how eccentric i must come across.. i take after my dad in that category (i think) welpers... almost lunch time now.. best go make me that vegemite sandwhich or soemthing like that.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

big smoke

So its early sunday morning here.... i took t `he cat outside for a walk.. looks like its gonna be a beautiful mothers day. Yesterday woke up at 5:30am..... went back to sleep for an hourish, got ready so we could catch the 8:25 train.. thinking that it wont be busy...and very busy it was...lucky to get a the reserved cart.. we plonked ourselves down..just mum and I.. i could not read i was sitting next to some old dude who had a briefcase on his lap. alas I could not move...i just listened to music all the way to the city.

Once there... we went down the side street to go to the crepe place.. but skipped that in favor of heading to brunetties in myers for a coffee. After that.. we were heading down stairs and I spotted some clothes for bigger women.. much like myself.. i needed a coat.. but ended up finiding a beautiful black cardigan i thought was on sale.. not so i almost fainted at the price.. but paid it anyway... its really warm and looksgood on me. So i ditched my srcuffy clothes.. a coat that had paint on it... which i was content in wearing but mum being mum of course.. Anyhow.. beautiful dresses and beautiful pieces to wear there.. i only had 20minutes so I tried on one dress.. i needed a few sizes down as the one i tried on looked like a purple potato sack on me!

After that went shopping for a little bit.. i love anon. posh in the royal arcade.. I also visited my fav stationary store.. yay! I cant afford anything other than the envelopes and note paper in there.. so Im happy with just my envelopes. Met besty at noon.. must of been a comic book convention on somewhere around the place.. loads of kids dressed up some rather interesting characters. We then walked to hardware lane... well it was hardware st.. it was pretty hard to find.. we kept walking and walking.. til we found it.. called The Hardware Society... a melbourne institution really the dont take bookings and so we had to wait about 15minutes for a table. I ordered a latte absolutely great not burnt or anything.. just nice..and i ordered a toastie with cheese ham and egg... delciously yum... besty ordered fruit toast and a hot chocolate which is pretty amazing.. comes in a jug.. pour it into the cup.. catherine kevin and evonnne all ordered too.. the food is great there and I will most certainly be back there. Needless to say I had 2 coffees there plus one at myers so I was wired for sound.

After lunch some departed.. we walked to spencer st and just talked.. sat down at another cafe and just chatted.. all I wanted was a glass of water that was it. For about an hour then it was time to head for the train.. heading home from the big smoke i focused on reading my book.. whilst mum slept.. the novel is far.
Im so saving to head back shopping for shoes and clothes and perhaps seeing Andrea and organizing another exhibition. I need to save! I so love to spend!

So home it was.. and I wound down with a few cups of tea.. and a good dose of morse on seven two.. this morning jumped out of bed and motored on to make mum a mothers day card.. made her a coffee picked some flowers to make a posy for her with cornflowers.. carnations.. and daisies.. it looks rather pretty.. i bought mum these beautiful blue earrings.. and am taking her out to lunch too...

so i better get a wriggle on now..


Thursday, May 5, 2011


not so great today feeling a bit down. I made the cup cakes.. i think they turned out ok.. the colouring is correct its just the taste not so. I can however make another batch as I have all the ingredients to. The cream cheese icing is rather delicious.. I found my coat its in the ironing basket.. im of the opinion that i just rug up underneath it and leave buying a new one until I see the perfect one that will suit me.

I feel like not going tomorrow.. i really do. I feel like just staying home and maybe just get cracking with the bulb planting and painting. All that i have not done thus far this week. Im in two frames of mind atm. I guess i'll go. I was up at the crack of dawn 6amish.. cant remember what I dreamed about..which is good cause ive been having some very out there ones... some id rather forget that's for sure. Im a bit lost right now..agh *Sigh* I'll work it out.

Anyway. I got to put dinner on shortly.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


went out today.. in search of a coat u think I could find one? NOPERS argh so damn annoying. I searched some stores and nothing.. i need on as my other one has no warmth to it whatsoever. I think i want to go and try the red one on tomorrow perhaps. I did see a few nice bits and pieces of clothing though. But i thought i better not. Had pancake parlor for lunch needless to say did not taste crash hot. oh well. We did not have the sweet ones.. just savory.

My parcels still have not arrived which is unusual for them to take so if they are not there by monday I shall contact the online stores and see what the delay is.On another note.. i got a letter from my canadian penfriend today. All is good and shall write back tomorrow.. not sure what to get her for her birthday...hmm I will find something, i'm sure. A little trinket or something like that.

I wore my newish shoes in today... i got a blister possibly the size of texas on my toe. Welpers i managed to finish one book... that ive been meaning to finish reading for a while. So ive got the book that a friend sent me.. i shall start tonight as there is nothing on I want to watch. I am waiting for the books i bought.

I best be off for now.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I figured out a system of marking the bulbs im gonna put in the ground tomorrow.... i bought bamboo skewers and am going to dye them with some oil paint/food dye so then I can keep a book as to what is what which will make dad happy.

I went out this morning checked the mail, still no parcels.. grr im sure they'll arrive towards the end of the week. I found a jacket id like to buy too.. its a beautiful red that would suit me and Im tempted to go get buy it cause that colour will suit me.. but as mum thinks it will probably make me look bigger. *Sigh*

Oh well. Its quite cold today.. and I have once again let the day slip by., Though I felt like veggie burgers today so that's what I bought for lunch sweet chili and lime.. gourmet ones. I had a craving for them..i had one on bread and the other just by itself. Well must be off dinner to pop on


Stayed up til midnight.... woke up around 8:30am and had to move move move... had an appointment at 10. That went ok. Then went to book a time and date for family to see the king tut. exhibition at melb. museum its all sold out til june. Then went to the shopping centre and bought lunch.. went to see the movie Rio.. not bad light hearted entertaining animation had a few laughs here and there.

Got home and nothing on the telly so we watched a romantic comedy called Letters to juliet. I found it good.. and got mum and I crying in places here and there.The scenery was breathtaking. I enjoyed the chic flick. Though poor in parts and a lot predicable. I guess that is what is missing from my life. *sighs*

So i just had smoked salmon.. scrambled eggs for dinner.. with a glass of orange juice... ive got one slice left which will have to be eaten by tomorrow. Ive got to get one with a spot of painting. Might even go for a walk just to get out of the house a bit. Im in for the evening.. going to watch grand designs now.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

down and out

started the day early again. Have not done very much today, once again. I have been a lil down and out. Mum made scones for morning tea, delicious. The day passed and now mum is cooking sticky chicken for tea.. the sauce is made of tomato sauce, soy sauce, garlic, red wine and brown sugar.. that is it. You just marinade it for a while and pop it in the oven for an hour.. we having it with rice and veg.