Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I made red velvet cup cakes again, they are as light as a cloud and lovely in flavour though i think they need a bit more vanilla..mum took them to work for her work mate that is leaving.. I slept very well last night rugged up in my doona, jacket and thermals..had solid sleep from midnight through til eight.

I have ordered a fair few items off etsy now!Yay.. i am waiting patiently for them to arrive. Especially some cake toppers. My books should arrive today.. i want to go out but it rainy and bloody cold. eeep.. i am sitting here with a hot water bottle blanket and lap top.. my feet are freezing and I dont want to put the heater on as i don't want to run up the electricity bill.. so ill wait til its around 4pm ish and pop it on then. I feel like an old granny.

My books should have arrived today! YAY! Cant wait. Im going to experiment with the fondant i bought a bit later. If im going into the city I will get better fondant and more cake glitter in reds pinks and some pearl edible paints too. Good thing too. I must re-pot some of my plants.

By golly I think some things are best left unsaid in this house. I cant say much here though. Oh well *SIghs* I wonder how eccentric i must come across.. i take after my dad in that category (i think) welpers... almost lunch time now.. best go make me that vegemite sandwhich or soemthing like that.


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