Wednesday, May 4, 2011


went out today.. in search of a coat u think I could find one? NOPERS argh so damn annoying. I searched some stores and nothing.. i need on as my other one has no warmth to it whatsoever. I think i want to go and try the red one on tomorrow perhaps. I did see a few nice bits and pieces of clothing though. But i thought i better not. Had pancake parlor for lunch needless to say did not taste crash hot. oh well. We did not have the sweet ones.. just savory.

My parcels still have not arrived which is unusual for them to take so if they are not there by monday I shall contact the online stores and see what the delay is.On another note.. i got a letter from my canadian penfriend today. All is good and shall write back tomorrow.. not sure what to get her for her birthday...hmm I will find something, i'm sure. A little trinket or something like that.

I wore my newish shoes in today... i got a blister possibly the size of texas on my toe. Welpers i managed to finish one book... that ive been meaning to finish reading for a while. So ive got the book that a friend sent me.. i shall start tonight as there is nothing on I want to watch. I am waiting for the books i bought.

I best be off for now.

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