Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I figured out a system of marking the bulbs im gonna put in the ground tomorrow.... i bought bamboo skewers and am going to dye them with some oil paint/food dye so then I can keep a book as to what is what which will make dad happy.

I went out this morning checked the mail, still no parcels.. grr im sure they'll arrive towards the end of the week. I found a jacket id like to buy too.. its a beautiful red that would suit me and Im tempted to go get buy it cause that colour will suit me.. but as mum thinks it will probably make me look bigger. *Sigh*

Oh well. Its quite cold today.. and I have once again let the day slip by., Though I felt like veggie burgers today so that's what I bought for lunch sweet chili and lime.. gourmet ones. I had a craving for them..i had one on bread and the other just by itself. Well must be off dinner to pop on

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