Wednesday, May 25, 2011

warragul and home

Went to warragul today feelin ok. Went to my appointment.. a little early had a look in my fav shoestore... dreming of what I would like to buy of course. I got mums coffee ground up.. wanted one from their but the cue was huge and i thought oh well.. went and looked in the dvd/music store there walked away with 3 interesting movies.. i am yet to watch. 2 are chic flicks, one is where the wild things are.. ive not heard much about it but ill be able to judge it tomorrow. I ended up at the cafe called mango wood.. they do great fresh food there... beautifully baked goods and delicious salads mostly gluten free.

Anyhow I got home and Ive been reading a great novel... i watched magnum the dodgy helicopter one and then magyver. Then i moved about surfed the net and have just decided to re read some chirldrens books. Today I got home had a nice suprise in the mail box.,.. the edible butterflies... for a special 30th im going to do some test running with vanilla cupcakes this weekend with the sugar sprinkles and mini dragonflies. with perhaps some butter cream icing.

We shall see. Mum had a tooth ache and has gone to bed.. im too wired for sound... all i remember from last nights dream is that there wasa marriage on the cards for someone.. agh sighs... oh welpers. So Im going to start walking again after such a long patch of just taking the bus... gonna check out the opshops too. Anyhow..

I think I shall finish off a few letters to friends. I listened to nick cave music today... bopping away... i live in a bubble... and perhaps the wind of change wil waft through the doors and turn my world around.. perhaps its just the silence in me that i crave to be one with that silence. I have nothing left to ramble on about just the usual cirle and breaking the cycle type thing.. and how to burn those words could have shoulda woulda and turn them into possibilities, not maybes but definite yeses... sweeping away cobwebs and letting them out the door of memory.

ciao for now

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