Thursday, May 5, 2011


not so great today feeling a bit down. I made the cup cakes.. i think they turned out ok.. the colouring is correct its just the taste not so. I can however make another batch as I have all the ingredients to. The cream cheese icing is rather delicious.. I found my coat its in the ironing basket.. im of the opinion that i just rug up underneath it and leave buying a new one until I see the perfect one that will suit me.

I feel like not going tomorrow.. i really do. I feel like just staying home and maybe just get cracking with the bulb planting and painting. All that i have not done thus far this week. Im in two frames of mind atm. I guess i'll go. I was up at the crack of dawn 6amish.. cant remember what I dreamed about..which is good cause ive been having some very out there ones... some id rather forget that's for sure. Im a bit lost right now..agh *Sigh* I'll work it out.

Anyway. I got to put dinner on shortly.

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