Tuesday, May 17, 2011

wonder wonder

I wonder wonder wonder where on earth my books are? I guess 10 working days so I give them til thursday to arrive... knowing my luck the things i ordered off amazon will turn up before my books.. or mayb the items off etsy will hmm. I wonder wonder.

Anyhow I have been feelin a bit blue today.. reflecting once again..back..once again. Things I cannot change its all out of my hands and left to the gods I guess. I used to dream big and now Im haunted in my dreams by a lot of past things.. and some new scary things.. i dreamt i was on master chef.. and then the judges judged my dish they all started to sing accunamattata from the lion king.. then one of my other dreams I saw these cards on the mantle piece of a burning buddah .. I cant remember anything else as I woke up. When i was a teen I had this incred. dream about me standing on the roof top of a buliding and all these people were jumping off the roof plunging to their death. I remember it well for some odd reason.

Its uncanny i was talking to a evonne about an old friend at uni of ours.. he lived across the hall from us and a few days ago I got an email from him. Agh well his ears must of been burning or something. I used to have those moments and dreams more frequent now they are all in the past and less and less of them. When i was connected in about 3 degrees of seperation.

Welpers I best be off

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