Friday, May 13, 2011

waiting waiting

Its been over 10 days now and my books are on the shipped status.. but still have not arrived. I'm leaving it til monday now and if they are not here by then I am going to call them up and ask where the hell they are... after all it is a melbourne based online books store.. alas Im a little peeved about it. Ive got a book to finish i suppose or else i may have re-read perhaps water for elephants (or id like to see the movie and just need my memory refreshed with the plot and premise) or the epic novel Musashi that I so love.

I have been drawing and drawing yesterday I put some colours together that dont really go somehow they work. Im shocked. like peach purple brown green and yellow in shapes.
Ive used fluid lines etc. Its bloody cold again.. s ive got a hot water bottle. Just waiting til mum gets up so we can all go out for well brunch it will be now.

I went on a jacket spree i walked away empty handed from the shopping centre.. i guess im going to wait for a few weeks til i head to the city again as they had a lot of them in myers i had no time to try one on though. I did not meet up with Andrea to nut out exhibition ideas.. I will do that soon.. she's hard lady to get hold of busy busy busy.

Welpers.. isa best be off gonna potter about


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