Thursday, July 29, 2010

a lil bit

Just a lil bit down again today. Did some house stuff, went out for lunch, im sure the salad mum ordered was tandoori and not maroccan. Still nice though, i could only eat half the portion though and took the rest home with me. Mum shouted, which was nice of her to do so.

I watched burn notice, the latest episode. I got a new pen pal from Italy, so i will write back to her some time this weekend. I got my first response to a mail art call i put out ages ago. So im sending some art in exchange they shall send some back. May or may not work.

Im having the rest of the salad for dinner tonight. Dad is having the rest of the egg and bacon pie I made the other day. Its really a delicious dish. Very simple, i however was in a rush in the supermarket and managed to grab the puff pastry with extra butter.... erm needless to say puff pastry is buttery enough without the added extra but it turned out not so puffy and golden on the top. I was going to make banana and honey cup cakes for mum to take to work, however, woke up too late for morning tea. I will make pumpkin soup tomorrow now.

Im trying to hunt down a perfect gift for someone at the moment. With no luck here. Perhaps I shall try yarragon. Perhaps my fav shop shall be having a sale! It is mid year now! well a lil past it. I got my some ace sheets of paper from srcap booking shop, lovely colours. Im almost out of all the cards I made. I have given them away as gifts mainly. I have nice ribbon now too.

Welpers i better be off now.

take care out there


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

tuesdays blues

Got the blues today..... feel a hell of a lot down. I am listening to the cure of course.... im tired write more tomorrow.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

city and back

Mum and I went to the city to catch up with lou. went to catch the train, only to find out it was train and bus. Which cause it was early didn' take longer than it generally does. Was impressed by the way the woman coach driver caned along the road. Got to the city and waited for a while for a tram to docklands, grrrr none. So we caught a taxi there... this taxi driver must of thought we were country bumpkins that didnt know our way round the city, instead of taking us about a k down the road he went right around down spencer st grrr. So mum stood her ground and the taxi driver said pay what you want to pay. We gave him $7 instead of the $11 that was racked up.

Got out of the cab met up with louise... was texting her in the taxi wasnt i? YEP so you can take a guess as to where phone is still! Yeppers yep yep.. back of the bloody taxi! Made my day. I panicked when i couldn't find it. It wasn't anywhere. I had just put credit on it the day before too.. so i was pissed with myself. After breakfast we went to the phone store and I got a new phone... i was able to keep the same number and amazingly all the credits too seems like it hadn't been used. The girl in the shop was very helpful. Its a good phone... not an i phone though!

So its my new toy really, I have been wondering why the bloody internet doesn't work as I haven't bought the right amount of credit. So I shall have to get some more credit! The girl at the store asked me what i was doing for the rest of the day. I said a limited amount of shopping after this! All i bought was some cards from a excellent cheap stationary store called Typo. We went into cosco i do not like the feel of the warehouse type thing. Its run very well though.

On the way home we had to sit on the train for about 20 minutes waiting for the other buses to arrive... *grumble* I read my book the whole way home, mum slept. Got home and of course watched the final of masterchef YAY! adam won.. so happy. Which is great. I thought Marion was gonna win the title until she was knocked out a few weeks back over a satay sauce.

Today howver is a different story it has gone so super slow. I guess i better get going now.. gonna have a cup of tea and write a lil more.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

here and there

Lately i have not done so much. Been feeling a lil down. Though I have a few fab books to read. One is by a food writer john newton/ called grazing (the ramblings and recipes of a man who gets paid to eat) seems good so far. Plus almost finished another fluffy novel too. At least its something. I have not picked nu my drawing stuff in a few weeks but shall remedy that this weekend.

I have not written today either. I have however cooked a bit. I cant cook when im not well. I made some beautiful vanilla cupcakes, with a chocolate/cream/vanilla icing. They were so light and fluffy even the icing was beautiful. I think next time i will add raspberries to them. I only made dozen and restricted myself to just one. I gave all the rest away. Ive made pea soup and bake beans this week as well. Am going to make a one pot wonder on saturday perhaps try to cook with chicken.

On sunday I am heading to the city for the day, meeting up with a few friends perhaps. Buying some more tea, i need more my stock is depleted dangerously low on my favorites. I have saved for that! Mayb i'll head to the market or something as well.

take care out there!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

a week

I went on the hunt for boots, I found some that i liked, tried on a handful of them.. the ones i liked had no grip at all, and its just like me to fall over. Literally head over heels. As or in the past week i have binned two lots of shoes... so granted I give myself permission to purchase them. I ended up buying a book. called grazing... i know.. i know i should borrow them from the library. I should indeed. Why, when you can own them?

So this week has slipped away effortlessly, so quick. Dad went to ballarat with his record group. So its good that i haven't had to make two meals, just the one. I have been told to lose weight and cut down on this and that. I know but i love to bake. Now i have to cook healthy things and not ones with a lot nof fat and carbs.

Mum and I went to a new cafe yesterday, in taralgon, mum loved her food... did not complain which is a miracle in itself, i had pasta with a tomato based sauce. Ive been a bit out of it lately. Sleeping in til 9amish. Which is unusual as im generally up at 6am.

Welpers.. its lunch time now..

later alligator.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Thought id better write something before i let the blog slip away so fast. At the moment well today I am struggling a bit to do things. Ive gone outside, been down the road and had a coffee this morning , got groceries and came home.

This past week has been a total write off. i have not achieved very much. Just been reading a lot. Got this great book that I am reading its a light hearted read with a bit of dark. I have been cooking a bit too. I made a raspberry and qhite chocolate cheesecake to take with mum and dad to aunty lyn s house this weekend just gone.

I did get some drawing done not enough to put onto the puter just yet. I want to create a beautiful jewelery tree again. I made one several years ago which sold. I have a feeling i sell my work a bit to cheaply. Ooops. Oh well. Im not making a living out of it.

I have an email pen pal now and another one from italy and another one which i have not written too in tawoomba. So i know im behind in my letter writing at the moment.. i stopped for a while. I go through stamps once a fortnight instead of every week. It was costing a lot.

Though I must say i was in warragul yesterday and went to their sewing store... they had sooooooo many lovely ribbons so allowed myself $20 and got some in various colours mainly cause my stock is a lil low as i've had so many birthdays in the past month... june/july/ august is crazy birthday season. I like to wrap things beautifully and make them be pretty.

Its funny not having dad round for the next 5 days. He has gone to a record group that meet every yearish and go away. I am able to put some more plants in whilst he is no about.

Well i shall be off now...

Saturday, July 3, 2010

lazy sunday

Im wearing four shades of blue today. Got a new jumper, a new shirt and thats it. I made a banana cake which isnt quite cakey... well its delicously wrong i it didn't rise. *sighs* its very bananaish though. I baked it for 50 minutes and took it out. Won't be using that recipe again!

I have been quite tired today. Ive had two coffees that should give me the jolt i need. However both heaters are going and its lovely and warm in the house. I feel like going for a nap and its only noon. Time ticks on sooooo slow on days like these.

Its louises birthday today she is 29 now. he he. Next year is the big one. Well i better be off now... lunch to make.. (vegemite sandwhich) YAY!