Sunday, July 25, 2010

city and back

Mum and I went to the city to catch up with lou. went to catch the train, only to find out it was train and bus. Which cause it was early didn' take longer than it generally does. Was impressed by the way the woman coach driver caned along the road. Got to the city and waited for a while for a tram to docklands, grrrr none. So we caught a taxi there... this taxi driver must of thought we were country bumpkins that didnt know our way round the city, instead of taking us about a k down the road he went right around down spencer st grrr. So mum stood her ground and the taxi driver said pay what you want to pay. We gave him $7 instead of the $11 that was racked up.

Got out of the cab met up with louise... was texting her in the taxi wasnt i? YEP so you can take a guess as to where phone is still! Yeppers yep yep.. back of the bloody taxi! Made my day. I panicked when i couldn't find it. It wasn't anywhere. I had just put credit on it the day before too.. so i was pissed with myself. After breakfast we went to the phone store and I got a new phone... i was able to keep the same number and amazingly all the credits too seems like it hadn't been used. The girl in the shop was very helpful. Its a good phone... not an i phone though!

So its my new toy really, I have been wondering why the bloody internet doesn't work as I haven't bought the right amount of credit. So I shall have to get some more credit! The girl at the store asked me what i was doing for the rest of the day. I said a limited amount of shopping after this! All i bought was some cards from a excellent cheap stationary store called Typo. We went into cosco i do not like the feel of the warehouse type thing. Its run very well though.

On the way home we had to sit on the train for about 20 minutes waiting for the other buses to arrive... *grumble* I read my book the whole way home, mum slept. Got home and of course watched the final of masterchef YAY! adam won.. so happy. Which is great. I thought Marion was gonna win the title until she was knocked out a few weeks back over a satay sauce.

Today howver is a different story it has gone so super slow. I guess i better get going now.. gonna have a cup of tea and write a lil more.


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