Thursday, July 22, 2010

here and there

Lately i have not done so much. Been feeling a lil down. Though I have a few fab books to read. One is by a food writer john newton/ called grazing (the ramblings and recipes of a man who gets paid to eat) seems good so far. Plus almost finished another fluffy novel too. At least its something. I have not picked nu my drawing stuff in a few weeks but shall remedy that this weekend.

I have not written today either. I have however cooked a bit. I cant cook when im not well. I made some beautiful vanilla cupcakes, with a chocolate/cream/vanilla icing. They were so light and fluffy even the icing was beautiful. I think next time i will add raspberries to them. I only made dozen and restricted myself to just one. I gave all the rest away. Ive made pea soup and bake beans this week as well. Am going to make a one pot wonder on saturday perhaps try to cook with chicken.

On sunday I am heading to the city for the day, meeting up with a few friends perhaps. Buying some more tea, i need more my stock is depleted dangerously low on my favorites. I have saved for that! Mayb i'll head to the market or something as well.

take care out there!

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