Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Thought id better write something before i let the blog slip away so fast. At the moment well today I am struggling a bit to do things. Ive gone outside, been down the road and had a coffee this morning , got groceries and came home.

This past week has been a total write off. i have not achieved very much. Just been reading a lot. Got this great book that I am reading its a light hearted read with a bit of dark. I have been cooking a bit too. I made a raspberry and qhite chocolate cheesecake to take with mum and dad to aunty lyn s house this weekend just gone.

I did get some drawing done not enough to put onto the puter just yet. I want to create a beautiful jewelery tree again. I made one several years ago which sold. I have a feeling i sell my work a bit to cheaply. Ooops. Oh well. Im not making a living out of it.

I have an email pen pal now and another one from italy and another one which i have not written too in tawoomba. So i know im behind in my letter writing at the moment.. i stopped for a while. I go through stamps once a fortnight instead of every week. It was costing a lot.

Though I must say i was in warragul yesterday and went to their sewing store... they had sooooooo many lovely ribbons so allowed myself $20 and got some in various colours mainly cause my stock is a lil low as i've had so many birthdays in the past month... june/july/ august is crazy birthday season. I like to wrap things beautifully and make them be pretty.

Its funny not having dad round for the next 5 days. He has gone to a record group that meet every yearish and go away. I am able to put some more plants in whilst he is no about.

Well i shall be off now...

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