Saturday, July 17, 2010

a week

I went on the hunt for boots, I found some that i liked, tried on a handful of them.. the ones i liked had no grip at all, and its just like me to fall over. Literally head over heels. As or in the past week i have binned two lots of shoes... so granted I give myself permission to purchase them. I ended up buying a book. called grazing... i know.. i know i should borrow them from the library. I should indeed. Why, when you can own them?

So this week has slipped away effortlessly, so quick. Dad went to ballarat with his record group. So its good that i haven't had to make two meals, just the one. I have been told to lose weight and cut down on this and that. I know but i love to bake. Now i have to cook healthy things and not ones with a lot nof fat and carbs.

Mum and I went to a new cafe yesterday, in taralgon, mum loved her food... did not complain which is a miracle in itself, i had pasta with a tomato based sauce. Ive been a bit out of it lately. Sleeping in til 9amish. Which is unusual as im generally up at 6am.

Welpers.. its lunch time now..

later alligator.

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