Thursday, July 29, 2010

a lil bit

Just a lil bit down again today. Did some house stuff, went out for lunch, im sure the salad mum ordered was tandoori and not maroccan. Still nice though, i could only eat half the portion though and took the rest home with me. Mum shouted, which was nice of her to do so.

I watched burn notice, the latest episode. I got a new pen pal from Italy, so i will write back to her some time this weekend. I got my first response to a mail art call i put out ages ago. So im sending some art in exchange they shall send some back. May or may not work.

Im having the rest of the salad for dinner tonight. Dad is having the rest of the egg and bacon pie I made the other day. Its really a delicious dish. Very simple, i however was in a rush in the supermarket and managed to grab the puff pastry with extra butter.... erm needless to say puff pastry is buttery enough without the added extra but it turned out not so puffy and golden on the top. I was going to make banana and honey cup cakes for mum to take to work, however, woke up too late for morning tea. I will make pumpkin soup tomorrow now.

Im trying to hunt down a perfect gift for someone at the moment. With no luck here. Perhaps I shall try yarragon. Perhaps my fav shop shall be having a sale! It is mid year now! well a lil past it. I got my some ace sheets of paper from srcap booking shop, lovely colours. Im almost out of all the cards I made. I have given them away as gifts mainly. I have nice ribbon now too.

Welpers i better be off now.

take care out there


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