Monday, August 2, 2010


The weekend slid away as fast as it arrived. I seem to have spent it reading, watching dvds and for a change mum did the cooking. I went out to mid valley got a few things. Today it's tuesday, yesterday I cooked this rustic type italian dish with sausages pumpkin and onion. Roasted in the oven for an hour with some thyme and rosemary.. Delicious.

I made honey and banana cupcakes yesterday too. I had two if them, with plain black tea, they were rather on the sweet side of things. I gave the rest of them away. I think i put a lil much honey in them. So today,once again we have to have sausages due to them going off in the next few days. So I found a recipe at , im making a casserole.

Went to warragul, did a lil shopping, found a few items too. I found this stunning red jacket that i really liked. I would love to own but at their prices i cant afford it.I guess I just have to stick with what i have got and add a few black pieces and colourful accessories. Not that I have really been going anywhere. I have kept to myself for far too long. Its about time I broke the silence me thinks.

I have a menu planned for the week. We have all the groceries i need to make each dish. Anyhow... I got's to go write more soonish


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