Thursday, August 19, 2010


in amongst the clutter of my head there is a silence.

I went and voted today. Done my bit. There was a polling booth opened all week here. I promtly handed back the coloured photocopy how to vote papers back to the old guy on the street. I hope the recycle them. A waste of paper. They should not have them glossy, rather on recycled paper. That will never happen!

I went shopping @ etsy. Got a few nice earrings, should be here by monday. I hope. I spent a bit this week already. I gots to save i tells myself. I am here sipping raspberry leaf green tea, thinking bout things.

Im going to try and make some cards today, later. Its cold out and it's the perfect weather for making and baking things. I guess I shall get a move on.

ciao for now

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